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Engineering June 10, 2021
When passion takes flight

"The field of aerospace engineering was born out of passion," said Dr. Sid Gunasekaran, assistant professor, University of Dayton Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. "People have dedicated their lives to redefine what is impossible . . . some people see it as a legacy and a constant reminder of what humans can do if we set our hearts and minds to it."

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Engineering April 27, 2021
IT Flies aircraft simulation competition celebrates 10 years of international cooperation
The IT Flies! aircraft simulation competition is a tradition very close to the heart of the University of Dayton School of Engineering. Every year, the Merlin Flight Simulation Group and the School of Engineering host student teams from the United States and the United Kingdom on campus in the Flight Simulation Laboratory in Kettering Labs
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Engineering March 29, 2021
School of Engineering Dean's Fund for Excellence enables student domestic immersions and community partnerships

University of Dayton students, Elizabeth Musco, senior double major in engineering and dance, and Arvind Muthukumar Subramanian, graduate mechanical engineering student, are spending spring semester working with ETHOS partner, the HUB, in West Liberty, Ohio.

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Business March 18, 2021
Financial Markets: It is Not What They Are, But What You Do With Them

The financial systems’ ability to pool resources to fund projects and share risks is unparalleled and has shaped the world we live in. Dr. Maria Vivero reflects on how CAP 305/FIN 200, a new course offered by the Department of Economics and Finance combines discussions on finance, diversity and social justice.

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Libraries March 16, 2021
Live from Information Point: Library Staff on a Screen
Using Zoom, the Libraries' access services staff are able to virtually help students wherever they are.
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Engineering March 10, 2021
Training AI Model to Detect Errors at Earlier Stages in Silicon Crystal Growth

Pengfei Guo, who received his doctorate in electro-optics in 2018 under the guidance of Professor Andrew Sarangan, and Tam Nguyen, assistant professor of computer science, received a grant through Lam Research Corporation's Unlock Ideas, which is a university grant program that provides seed funding for research collaborations with professors to support feasibility testing of innovative ideas. 

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Sustainability January 11, 2021
UD’s facilities management staff helps University achieve $1 million per year in energy savings across campus

Thanks to aggressive retrocommissioning of buildings across campus and other energy initiatives, the University of Dayton’s Facilities Management team is saving about $1 million annually. Matthew Worsham, UD’s energy efficiency and renewable energy manager, credits hard work from facilities management staff, students and UD’s partners in the energy industry.

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President December 17, 2020
When I opened Dr. Kim Bigelow's email, I felt as though I unwrapped an early Christmas gift. It brought me that much joy.
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Faculty and Staff December 04, 2020
Attending the 2021 Learning Teaching Forum? Here’s a DSJ Sessions Guide
The 2021 Learning Teaching Forum — 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, January 8 — will focus on the most important lessons that educators at the University of Dayton have learned about teaching and learning since the spring 2020 semester. This blog highlights all sessions tackling equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice issues.
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Sustainability November 18, 2020
Free, one-credit building energy education minicourse available for UD students

A free, one-credit-hour minicourse on energy use in buildings is available for University of Dayton students in the spring 2021 semester. The Building Energy Education Program (BEEP) 8-week course will be from 8 to 10 p.m. Mondays Feb. 8 through March 29. Students wanting to register can search for UDI 261 on Banner, according to organizers.

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