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Schedule an Academic Unit Visit

The best way to discover what it truly means to be a Flyer is to come to campus and experience it for yourself. Academic appointments provide students the ability to explore their areas of interest and learn about the countless opportunities to engage in experiential learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Schedule visits with academic units using the contact information below, or you can schedule a campus tour and info session.

School of Business Administration

Want to learn more about the School of Business Administration (SBA)? Connect with an SBA representative during a 30-minute academic appointment to learn more about the school, its majors, experiential learning opportunities, career outcomes and more. View available times and register here.

School of Engineering

Interested in learning about the School of Engineering and our Diversity in Engineering Center while visiting campus? Schedule an in-person session to learn about our academic experiences and explore labs while connecting with current students and staff.

College of Arts & Sciences: Humanities (Bachelor of Arts)

B.A. Degree

Humanities 200


Explore English

B.A. Degree

Humanities 400


Explore History

B.A. Degree

Humanities 352


Explore Global Languages and Cultures

B.A. Degree

Humanities 421


Explore Philosophy

B.A. Degree

Humanities 300


Explore Religious Studies

B.A. Degree

Alumni Hall


Explore Women's & Gender Studies

Non-Degree Program

Humanities 367


Explore CORE

College of Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)

B.A. Degree

St. Joseph Hall 121


Explore Communication

B.A. Degree

St. Joseph Hall 436


Explore Criminal Justice Studies

B.A. degree. (UD also offers a B.S.B.A. in economics through the School of Business Administration)

Miriam Hall 510


Explore Economics

B.A. Degree

Humanities 367


Explore International Studies

This is a non-degree program

O'Reilly Hall 8


Explore ROTC

B.A. Degree

St. Joseph Hall 227


Explore Political Science

This is a non-degree program

Alumni Hall 117


Explore Prelaw

B.A. or B.S. Degree

St. Joseph Hall 329


Explore Psychology

B.A. Degree in Sociology only

St. Joseph Hall 429


Explore Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work

College of Arts & Sciences: Performing and Visual Arts (Bachelor of Arts and Fine Arts or Music)

B.A. & B.F.A Degree

Fitz Hall 250


Explore Art and Design

B.A or B.M. Degree

Fitz Hall 475


Explore Music

College of Arts & Sciences: Physical and Life Sciences (Bachelor of Science or Arts)

B.S. Degree

Science Center 211


Explore Biology

B.A. or B.S. Degree

Science Center 178


Explore Chemistry

B.S. Degree

Hathcock Hall 122


To schedule a visit, please complete this form.

Explore Computer Science / CIS

B.S. Degree

Science Center 179


Explore Geology

B.A. and B.S. Degree

Science Center 313


Explore Mathematics

B.S. Degree

Science Center 111


Explore Physics

B.S. Degree

Science Center 375


Explore Premedicine/Predentistry

College of Arts & Sciences: Sustainability (Bachelor of Science or Arts)

School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS)

If you would like to schedule your academic appointment via phone, email or Zoom, please contact Melissa Flanagan at

Explore SEHS

Office of Learning Resources

Interested in academic support or services for students with disabilities? Contact the Office of Learning Resources at 937-229-2066 to schedule an appointment or visit for more information.

Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center

Interested in learning more about the services and programs offered to multicultural students? Contact the Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center at 937-229-3634 or to schedule an appointment.