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Test-Optional Information

The University of Dayton, as a Catholic and Marianist university, is committed to the common good, and we value building community and inviting people from diverse talents and backgrounds to join us in creating a better world. We educate the whole person, mind, body and spirit, and we educate for adaptation and change so our graduates are ready to respond to the changing needs of the world and to make a positive impact on their communities.

We aim to be as clear and transparent as possible with our admission and financial aid processes. As the leaders in providing complete price transparency, we are excited to announce that we are test-optional in admission for the fall 2021 entering class and beyond.

Our new test-optional policy applies to traditional first-year students, as well as high school students applying for admission to the UD Sinclair Academy.

UD’s test-optional admission process allows each applicant to have more control of their application for admission to the University of Dayton. Each applicant can decide to submit standardized college entrance exam scores, if the applicant believes these scores might add value to their candidacy. Alternatively, an applicant may choose not to submit the scores and instead place greater emphasis on their school record and other supporting documentation. It is the applicant’s decision, and we are here to support them through the process!

Top FAQs

What are the factors that the University of Dayton considers in its admission review?

The University of Dayton has a holistic admission process in which we seek to identify and admit students who can learn, lead, serve and be successful at the University of Dayton. These are the most common factors we consider when making our admission decisions:

  • Weighted GPA average in college prep curriculum.
  • Rigorous coursework, considered in the context of the high school.
  • Grades in a college-level course, dual credit course (e.g., Ohio’s College Credit Plus program).
  • Information provided in an applicant’s application essay (not required for UDSA applicants).
  • Letters of recommendation.
  • Test scores that are submitted. (Note that test scores are never the sole or primary reason for an admissions decision; rather, they are considered within the context of the supplemental information.)

When should an applicant indicate if they plan to submit test scores as a part of their application?

During the application process, applicants will be asked whether they would like to submit their test score(s) or apply using the test-optional admission process, without scores. If an applicant decides to submit an ACT or SAT score which they have already received, we prefer they self-report the score(s) on the application and have the score(s) sent directly to UD from the testing organization.

If an applicant applies test-optional, but they have already sent their test score(s), or the test score(s) appear on their high school transcript, we will remove the score(s) from our admission review process.

We ask all students who have taken a test to submit the score after they decide to enroll at UD. This is for our records only and does not affect their admission or financial aid.

What if an applicant changes their mind about having their test scores considered as part of their admission application?

If an applicant originally indicated that they were applying for test-optional admission, but they later decide that they would like us to consider their test scores before the admission decision is made, they can let us know via their Admission Account: Students may later decide to submit their scores, for example, if they believe the scores would add value to their candidacy.

How will applicants be considered for scholarships based on test scores?

The University of Dayton is committed to making scholarship opportunities available for all accepted students, and an applicant’s scholarship eligibility will not be negatively impacted by a test-optional application. More information on scholarships for the fall 2021 class will be available in fall 2020.

Are there exceptions to who can apply test-optional?

Athletes who wish to participate in NCAA sports at the University of Dayton are required to submit a standardized test score to be considered as an NCAA qualifier. In addition, applicants to UD’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program are required to submit a standardized test score, due to program accreditation standards.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this policy?

We invite you to reach out to our admission and financial aid team at or 800-UD PRIDE (800-837-7433).