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Commuter Students

You may not live here, but it feels like home.

To help campus feel more like your home away from home, we offer a variety of programs and services for commuter students.

  1. Use the Commuter Lounge to relax, socialize, rent a locker, or study between classes. 
  2. Put money on your Flyer Express card for an easy way to grab a meal on campus – or a late afternoon snack.
  3. Join a community! Commuters on Campus is your chance to get involved and make a difference.  Commuters on Campus is a student-run organization where you can get to know other commuter students, attend a lunch with the Dean of Students or a Marianist Brother, and even help shape University policies to be more inclusive of commuters.

Stay in the know:

  1. When the University delays opening or closes due to adverse weather, a notification will appear on the UD homepage and students will receive an emergency notification email. Be sure to update your emergency notification contact information.
  2. Watch the local news reports to see if the University of Dayton is closed or if classes have been delayed.
  3. Also, check your email before class or contact your professors in order to be sure that class is still in session.

If you are unable to make it to class because of bad weather in your area, call or email your professor. Your health and safety are a top priority. Note that it is always your responsibility to make up the work if you are absent for class. 

If for some reason you’re penalized for not being able to make it to class due to adverse conditions, contact your Dean's office and the Head of Commuter Relations in the Student Government Association (email or visit KU 253) for support on navigating the situation with your instructor.

Update your Emergency Notification Contact Information
  1. Have a back-up plan - Course scheduling doesn't mean you get the "perfect" schedule everytime. Have some courses that might be a good back-up if one that you are looking at fills up before your registration opens.
  2. Space between classes is positive - As a commuter student, it can be tempting to schedule your classes back to back, so you are only on campus for a block of time. However, running your classes together without any breaks or fitting them into one or two days a week can be a problem.
  3. Plan what you will do during breaks - Having time before and after classes can give you time to relax, study, or meet new people in the Commuter Lounge or on campus. Carving out the time to something specific will help you be more committed to following through.
  4. Get an on-campus job - Using your time on campus in a way that helps you build a support network and make some money is ideal. Finding a job on-campus can offer flexibility in your work schedule and negotiate commitments to your academics. 

Commuter Students have the option to get a "neighborhood meal plan" or simply add money to use as Flyer Express while on campus. Find out information about campus dining locations, meal plans, hours of operation and more on the Dining Services website.

Brought your meal and need to heat it up? Use the microwave in the Commuter Lounge, 118 Kennedy Union.

Dining on Campus

Academic Services

Campus Departments

Child Care

Student Organizations

  • There are many student organizations on campus. For a complete list, visit 1850.
  • Campus Activities Board - This is a student organization on campus, but it is an amazing organization for commuter students to know about. CAB hosts events almost every weekend, and most of them are free. 
  • Student Government Association - There is a Commuter Representative in the Student Government Association. This student acts as a liaison between the commuter student population and the university. This representative can receive input from the students and craft legislation in the Student Senate. Elections are held each year in the early fall, so check out the Student Government webpage to learn more about that. This position would be an excellent learning experience for Political Science majors or anyone interested in government or public speaking.  


  • Click here to learn about the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately 5% of the undergraduate student population at the University of Dayton are commuter students. Commuters save thousands of dollars each year by residing locally and driving (or using local transportation) to campus.

It is located in Kennedy Union room 118, behind the Torch Lounge. It is open from approximately 8 a.m. until midnight. 

Lockers in the Commuter Lounge (KU 118) can be rented for the semester, starting at 9 a.m. on the first day of classes for the fall and spring semesters. Check out a key in the Center for Student Involvement, Kennedy Union 241. Return the key to the same location no later than the last day of finals each semester.

Rent a locker

Many students play card games, board games, video games, and socialize. Feel free to bring your own lunch and store it in the refrigerator or heat something up in the microwave. There is a computer in the Commuter Lounge in case you didn’t bring your laptop. Please remember to clean up after yourself though; we all share the space.

Kennedy Union has its own dining room on the ground floor, where vending machines are also located. In addition, Marycrest dining hall is nearby, across the Central Mall. In the library, there is a Café so that students can buy some tasty beverages and snacks while studying!

Yes! Check out all of the student organizations on 1850 and get involved! 

You can be the Head of Commuter Relations in the Student Government Association. You could also take a leadership role in the group Commuters on Campus

Also consider the opportunity to join the Student Transitions and Family Programs team in the number of ways they support the incoming student experience and beyond!

The Adviser serves as a resource for commuter students, works with Commuters on Campus to organize commuter events and addresses concerns related to commuter students. The adviser is Noah Chatman in the Office of Student Transitions and Family Programs.


Student Transitions and Family Programs

Gosiger Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0911