Community Standards and Civility

The Office of Community Standards and Civility administers the Codes of Conduct of the University of Dayton. Our primary focus is on helping students learn from the consequences of their actions and become a positive influence within the University of Dayton community and beyond.

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Standards of Behavior

Support of the Academic Community and the Development of the Whole Person

All students at the University of Dayton are expected to live and work in support of our academic mission and of the Marianist tradition of Catholic education, which is committed to the holistic formation of spirit, mind and body.

Community Living

Living in community is essential to the full development and education of the whole person. Building and sustaining the community we all treasure at the University of Dayton requires more than friendliness and is certainly about more than following rules. All students learn and apply essential life lessons about self-awareness, communication, cooperation, mutual respect, courage, forgiveness, patience and trust while living in community with others.

Dignity and Respect for All Members of the Community

Every person has innate dignity as all are made in the image and likeness of God. This understanding calls all members of the UD community to respect and love themselves and others.

The Common Good

The common good at the University of Dayton is defined as the sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily. A concern for the common good leads us to make individual choices in light of how they affect, or may affect, other people and the community as a whole. Students are called to work actively to create and promote the common good at UD and beyond.

Conduct Advisers

Students are assigned a conduct adviser when notified of their University Hearing Board.  Conduct advisers are volunteers who assist students in preparing for their hearing.  Students are not required to utilize a conduct adviser.  If you would like to request a conduct adviser other than the one assigned to you contact the Office of Community Standards & Civility at 937-229-4627.

The 2014-2015 conduct advisers are:

  • Kristen Alteneau
  • Patty Alvarez
  • Julie Brill
  • Kevin Cane
  • Veronica Champion
  • Becky Cook
  • Patrick Chenault
  • Jim Froelich
  • Daria Graham
  • Chris Johnson
  • Tim Kao
  • Justin Keen
  • Gwen Klemmer
  • Melissa Longino
  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Curtis Nash
  • Lisa Rismiller
  • Christina Smith
  • Ken Soucy
  • Carlos Stewart
  • Danielle Page
  • Brian Turner
  • Cari Wallace
  • Aaron Witherspoon

For Parents

The Office of Community Standards and Civility reaches out to parents in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

It is the practice of Community Standards and Civility to reach out to parents in cases where their son or daughter has been placed on University Disciplinary Probation as a response to a violation of the Alcohol or Drug policy.  This contact is permitted by FERPA and is intended as a means to partner with parents.  This outreach comes in the form of a letter that is mailed to the parental address provided in the University's student information system.

Outside of this outreach, the office does not pursue parent contact concerning disciplinary matters.  However, every student who attends a Behavioral Hearing is asked if they would like to have the information released to their parents should their parents inquire.  Parents who would like to discuss their student's record can call the office.  The staff will review the file to ensure the record has been released and will address concerns accordingly.  Regardless of a release the staff can speak in general terms concerning the student conduct system and standard procedures.


Office of Community Standards & Civility
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-0964
227 Gosiger Hall
Phone: 937-229-4627
Fax: 937-229-4680

Debra Monk, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Community Standards & Civility

Amanda Pollack, Associate Director of Community Standards & Civility

Jessica Hoelting, Assistant Director of Community Standards & Civility

Tracy Ross, Senior Administrative Assistant