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Student Government Association

Student Government Association

SGA is a representative governing body that addresses the needs and concerns of the undergraduate student body at the University of Dayton. All members of SGA are full or ¾ time undergraduates.


  • The mission of the Student Government Association is to address the diverse needs and concerns of the undergraduate student body at the University of Dayton. To accomplish this, SGA is committed to seeking out and amplifying diverse student voices, actively advocating on behalf of the needs of all undergraduate students, and serving as the liaison between the administration, faculty, staff, and the student body.


  • University of Dayton Marianist Tradition
    • We are dedicated to learning, leading, and serving our community by the model of the Marianist Tradition.
  • Equity and Inclusion
    • We are committed to providing a welcoming and affirming environment for a diverse student body.
  • Commitment to Community
    • We strive to involve every student in all aspects of university life and continuously support student organizations and initiatives.
  • Transparency
    • We constantly work to make SGA more accessible and maintain clear communication with the student body.
  • Leadership
    • We are passionate and effectives student leaders who seek to accomplish the goals of the University of Dayton Student Government


  • Office: Kennedy Union, Room 253
  • Phone: 937-229-4444
  • Email:
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Interested in learning more about SGA initiatives, legislation, finance, or elections? 

You can learn more by visiting the Student Government Association's full website.


Center for Student Involvement

Kennedy Union
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0620