Death & Grieving: Powerful Issues

The recent death on campus is a reminder of the importance of building a supportive community on campus. Losing a loved one, friend, or student can create many feelings including sadness, anger, disbelief, disorientation, anxiety and depression. Experiencing these feelings is often normal in the short term.  However, if those feelings are becoming overwhelming, it is healthy to reach out -Campus Ministry, Living with Loss Group, friends, faculty, mentors, The Counseling Center, Residence Life staff, and others are able, willing, and ready to assist. Support yourself and support each other, and encourage friends to get help as needed. Positive mental/personal health means taking care of yourself on a number of levels and remembering others care about you. If you are feeling any level of distress over this recent death, remember one of the most effective ways to cope with a significant loss is to talk about your thoughts and feelings with someone who cares.

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