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Dining Services


The Emporium shoppers are required to have a minimum of $25 loaded on the GET app to enter the store. Students should read the following instructions to avoid unexpected charges to their meal plan or credit card for visiting The Emporium.

If your purchases at The Emporium exceed the amount on your Flyer Express or meal plan accounts, you will receive a $100 charge to your student account after leaving the store. Your total purchase amount will be deducted from the funds in your GET app, giving you the remainder as Dining Services credit or meal plan credit for future purchases at any dining services location.

If you want to shop at The Emporium and have less than $25 on your account, you can add funds at the gate entrance, to your account via the GET app from your credit card, or use the "Bill Me" option to have your student account billed. Once the funds are recorded, you can scan your app to enter.

There is no 10% discount for the Neighborhood & Fac/Staff meal plans at the Emporium.  Questions can be emailed to

Guests without the GET app may enter the store with a credit card, or mobile wallet.

GET Mobile is a mobile portal where students (and parents) with a University of Dayton (unique) ID can manage their campus card accounts, pre-order food from participating on– campus dining venues and more! GET provides valuable information about account balances and spending history and also allows you to report a lost or stolen card anytime, day or night.

Two Easy Ways to Access GET

1. GET Mobile App

  •  Download Apple iOS app or Android app
  •  Open the app and select the University of Dayton
  •  Sign in using your University of Dayton credentials (ID and password)

2. GET Online
  •  Go to
  •  Select the University of Dayton
  •  Sign in using your University of Dayton credentials (ID and password)


Adding Funds to Student Accounts

  • Students and parents can add funds to Flyer Express accounts through this link:, and selecting University of Dayton under institution.
  • Students can add money to their Neighborhood Plan by using the GET app. Once in the app, select "add funds" and "bill me". The money added will then be billed to the associated student account. 
  • Students can add $100, $200, $300, or $400 to their Neighborhood Plan at any time, and as frequently as needed. 
  • If parents would like to add funds to the Neighborhood Plan, they can call dining services at 937-229-2441.

Dining Services

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0404