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Services for Employers

Helping Employers Recruit Law Students and Alumni

The Career Services Office (CSO) offers recruiting services free of charge to employers, students and alumni. Employers may select from several avenues of recruitment during the spring and the fall semesters, including on-campus interviewing, resume collection services and direct contact postings.

Employers may also post part-time and full-time job openings for our students and alumni on a year-round basis. These job openings are posted in the CSO, as well as on Handshakethe University of Dayton online service used to connect students, alumni and employers. 

On-Campus Interviewing Program

Employers are welcome to schedule on-campus interviews with the Career Services Office during the spring and fall recruiting seasons.

Prior to the scheduled interview date, the Career Services Office will collect and forward resumes that meet the employer's specifications. There are no registration or service fees to participate.

To schedule an on-campus interview, complete the On Campus Interview Questionnaire (pdf) and email it to The Career Services office will then contact you to organize any needed information regarding the interviews.

Resume Collection Service

For employers who are not able to conduct on-campus interviews, the Career Services Office will collect and forward resumes free of charge. After reviewing the resumes, employers can contact the candidates directly to schedule interviews.

To arrange a resume collection, complete the Resume Collection Questionnaire (pdf) and email it to

Direct Contact Service

Employers who prefer that students apply directly may request that the Career Services Office post job notices for either summer positions or permanent positions after graduation. The CSO will instruct students to submit resumes, cover letters and any other requested materials to the employer.

To be added to our direct contact schedule, complete the Job Posting Questionnaire (pdf) and email it to

Posting Job Opportunities

Post jobs for students and graduates for both part-time and full-time employment by submitting our Job Posting Questionnaire (pdf). These job opportunities will be posted in the Career Services Office and on Handshake, for 60 days at no charge.

To post a job, complete a Job Posting Questionnaire (pdf) and email it to


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