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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Sharing the Whole UD Experience

College is a time for deep learning and discovery, and University of Dayton students grow through cultivated experiences in and out of the classroom.

There are few things as impactful as seizing the opportunity to study abroad, but not every student can afford this life-changing experience. Thanks in part to generous donations to areas like the UD Fund and scholarship funds during One Day, One Dayton, more students are able to seize that opportunity.

Jack Williams, a sophomore civil engineering major from Vandalia, Ohio, said that his study abroad program, Engineering in Florence, was definitely a highlight of his UD experience so far.

Williams earned the Flyer Promise scholarship at UD, an incredible program at UD that provides scholarship funds to stellar students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The scholarships and financial aid cover all tuition costs and significantly reduce housing and meal costs.

And, thanks to the additional University and donor funding raised during One Day, One Dayton, he was able to complete 10 credit hours of coursework taught by UD professors in Florence, Italy.

“Three professors (two in engineering and one art historian) led the five-week program,” said Williams. “We studied the public piazzas (public spaces) in the city, which are important community spaces. We figured out the movement of the people, and studied the target or purposes of piazzas. Then we have to come up with our own piazza concept.”

The engineer major said that UD art history professor Roger Crum opened his eyes to fully understanding the space.

“He was always making sure that we understood what we were seeing — not just looking at, but really seeing. He helped us understand the history, background and cultural importance of space,” said Williams. “Developing this understanding is very different than simply visiting. And that’s how the experience can impact you forever.”

Another Flyer Promise student who was able to study abroad this past year thanks to donors was Michaela Fleming, a junior accounting major from Dayton who studied for five weeks in Japan. In addition to her Flyer Promise scholarship, Fleming was awarded a scholarship from the Heffner Internship Endowment fund.

“My trip provided a great opportunity to learn about the culture while getting into the aspects of conducting business in Japan,” said Fleming. “I’d never been out of the country before. I’d never even been on an airplane. There were summer programs in Rome, Spain and Japan. I could see myself going to Spain or Rome after I graduate, so I thought this would be a great time to experience Japan.”

She wasn’t disappointed. She spent five weeks in Tokyo and earned 6 credit hours taking marketing and finance from UD professors.

“It was awesome,” said Fleming. “We went to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and visited Levi Strauss and Calbee. The business culture in Japan is so different than the U.S.”

The trip opened her eyes to the beauty of Japan. It also opened an important door.

“I’m going to intern with Plante Moran next summer,” said Fleming. “During my internship interview with Plante Moran, the guys who were interviewing me asked me all about my study abroad experience.”

Fleming was delighted the trip paid off so quickly by helping her land the internship. But that was icing on the cake.

“Even if I do end up working strictly in the U.S. and not with Japanese businesses, it’s something that I can carry with me — that unique viewpoint of understanding different cultures. I’m just very grateful for the opportunity to study abroad.”

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