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Exploring Student-Led Consulting and Community-Driven Entrepreneurship

Dean Trevor Collier, the host of the Business Class podcast, engaged in a discussion with consulting experts Amanda Bush and Whitney Barkley in Episode 21 of the Business Class, the SBA podcast that offers career advice, discussions on ethical decision-making in business, and anecdotes from life on the School of Business Administration's campus. 

Amanda Bush, a senior double majoring in Marketing and Management Information Systems, currently serves as the President of Flyer Consulting, a student-run organization offering pro-bono business consulting to nonprofits and small businesses in Dayton and beyond. Whitney Barkley holds the role of Director at the Greater West Dayton Incubator as well as the advisor for Flyer Consulting, the master Content Marketing Strategist at Speakerazzi, and pursues endeavors as an author and podcaster.

In their engaging podcast conversation, Amanda Busch and Whitney Barkley provide insights into their respective roles and experiences within Flyer Consulting and the Greater West End Incubator. 

Amanda's narrative unfolds with her initial engagement at Flyer Consulting during her sophomore year, driven by her passion for volunteering and a desire to explore career paths beyond marketing. Progressing from intern to president, she vividly illustrates the organization's transformative impact on her personal growth and its contributions to the community through innovative solutions. 

Complementing Amanda, Whitney, Director of the Greater West End Incubator, shares her diverse background in media and entrepreneurship. Reflecting on pivotal moments, she highlights her evolution and the Incubator's initiatives like the micro-lending program, emphasizing support for underserved entrepreneurs. They stress collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches in addressing societal challenges and advocating for inclusive spaces. Looking ahead, they outline plans for the Incubator's permanent location and enhancing engagement within Flyer Consulting. 

Their dialogue showcases the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and social impact, underscoring the pivotal role played by organizations like Flyer Consulting and the Greater West End Incubator in driving positive change within The Dayton community and beyond.

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