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Special Service Award

James Stitt ’71

James Stitt ’71
James Stitt ’71

Since being elected president of the American Cutlery Manufacturers Association in 1991, James Stitt has earned a reputation as an executive who is committed to American-made goods and keeping jobs local.  

After his promotion to president and CEO of CUTCO Cutlery Corp. in 1998, the company drew the attention of the Discovery Channel and The Travel Channel, as both visited Olean, N.Y. The Travel Channel featured Stitt’s commitment on John Ratzenberger’s show “Made in America” in 2005.

While Stitt’s devotion to his profession is strong, he is every bit as committed to his alma mater and community. His 36 years of consecutive giving are highlighted by a scholarship he established in 1998 to honor his parents. The Altha P. and John F. Stitt Endowed Scholarship assists deserving students who are enrolled in, and pursuing courses on a full-time basis, at the University of Dayton. Selected recipients are majoring in engineering technology.

He is a proponent of hands-on learning. He and his wife, Carol, established the Stitt Scholars for engineering, business, and other students to collaborate with startup companies and entrepreneurs at The HUB Powered by PNC Bank. Stitt Scholars offers paid internships providing students with experiential learning opportunities through deep collaboration with clients from the Dayton community.

Stitt’s love for his alma mater runs deep. He commits his time, having served on the UD School of Engineering Advisory Council from 1994 to 2001. Stitt also spends substantial time moving his community forward. He served as president of both the Olean Area Industrial Management Council and the American Cutlery Manufacturers Association and on the boards of the Direct Selling Association, Dresser-Rand Challenger Learning Center and the Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Association. In addition, he has been a board trustee for St. Bonaventure University and Jamestown Community College and a board member for Olean General Hospital, serving all three for nine years. He was named 2009-10 chairman of the board of the Direct Selling Education Foundation and is currently board chair for the Olean Business Development Corporation. His leadership has been recognized broadly including the 2009 Jamestown Community College’s John D. Hamilton Award. This honor recognizes individuals whose civic contributions exemplify those of Hamilton, one of the community leaders who aided in chartering the college. 

Stitt’s commitment to his community and higher education, along with his strong work ethic has made an impact on many.


Special Service Award
For volunteer service to the University of Dayton

The Special Service Award is presented to an alumnus who has performed a special service or displayed exceptional diligence on behalf of the University of Dayton.

Special Service awards are given for extended service or for successfully completing a special project or program on behalf of the University or the Alumni Association. To be eligible, a person must hold a degree from the University of Dayton.


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