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Flyer Recruitment Program

Share Your Flyer Pride

Share your love for UD and help recruit a talented and diverse population of future Flyers. As a volunteer, you can use your personal UD experience to convey the benefits of campus life and the value of a UD degree.

Volunteer Opportunities for Alumni

Through personalized outreach, volunteers congratulate committed students, answer questions, encourage students to participate through in person and digital events, and share personal experiences from their time at UD. Volunteers will be asked to call and text approximately 10 - 15 admitted students between May and June. Additionally, volunteers may have the opportunity to send postcards to incoming students the summer before classes start. Individuals can volunteer from any location.

Volunteers will be asked to review the Flyer Champion Handbook, participate in a digital training session, and be committed to fulfilling role requirements in a timely fashion. Training sessions will be offered in March and April, volunteers only need to attend one 1-hour training.

Volunteer at UD admission events in person or digitally. Representatives may be asked to help mingle and answer general questions from prospective students and families and/or speak during the program. In person events take place in limited markets and vary each year. The majority take place within our alumni communities.

If an event is taking place in your community, a staff member will reach out to potential volunteers for help. Volunteers will receive training materials, talking points and maybe asked to attend a digital training.

Act as a representative of the University of Dayton at a local college fair. Volunteers will be provided with general academic and application information. Volunteers should feel comfortable representing the University and support efforts to recruit competitive and diverse students.

College fair locations vary each year and the ability to have volunteer representatives is set by the site host. If a college fair is taking place in your community, a staff member will reach out to potential volunteers for help.

Recommend a high school student that embodies the characteristics of a Flyer and the desire to learn, lead, and serve. Admission staff will follow-up with prospective students.

Fill out the Admission Inquiry Form

Volunteers must:

  • Hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton.
  • Enjoy interacting with others and sharing your Flyer pride.
  • Be committed to growing a diverse student population.
  • Have the time required to fulfill volunteer duties.
  • Follow guidelines set by the National Association of College Admission Counseling.

Guardians of students currently applying to UD and alumni who are college admission professionals or independent/community college counselors are not eligible to volunteer.

I believe it's important to be a Flyer Champion because it provides alumni with an opportunity to recruit the next generation of Flyers and welcome them into the UD family. This is just one small way that we can help give back to a community that we all care about so much.

Lauren Vogelsmeier ’18


Alumni Relations

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