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Peer-to-Peer Ambassadors

Become a Peer-to-Peer Ambassador

We are seeking alumni and parents to become peer-to-peer ambassadors and outreach to fellow Flyers annually to share UD news and campus updates and invite them to support UD philanthropically.

Peer-to-peer ambassadors outreach to fellow Flyers annually to share UD news and campus updates and invite them to support UD philanthropically. By connecting with fellow classmates and inviting them to give back, peer-to-peer ambassadors can enable the University of Dayton to provide experiences to students in years to come. We want to engage even more alumni and parents with UD and increase participation in giving because gifts to UD, no matter the size, make a big difference.

Your Role

Your role as a peer-to-peer ambassador would be to outreach to fellow alumni and ask them to join you in supporting the University philanthropically. As a volunteer and Alumni, you have the ability to connect to fellow Flyers in a unique way and personally inspire them to support the University by providing scholarships, hands on learning experiences and support services for current and future students.

You will outreach three to four times a year to a group of UD alumni who you share common interests with (class year, major, student organization, etc). Our volunteers send messages through an online platform that provides the ability to personalize templates and make connecting easy.

Why It Matters

This program is important because it increases the number of alumni who give and stay connected with UD. Alumni giving demonstrates belief in our mission and ensures educational opportunities for the next generation to come - some of those same campus experiences you valued as a student.

Volunteers fundraise for the area that is most meaningful to them. If you would like to help a student organization you belonged to, your major area of study, student scholarships, our Flyer teams or any area at UD that means the most to you — this is the best way to do it.

Who it Supports

Our Peer-to-Peer Ambassadors provide opportunities for all students and have an impact on areas across campus. Some ambassadors choose to support the UD Fund, which is the University's area of greatest need and impacts areas of most need across campus. Others share updates around diversity and inclusion efforts and fundraise for MEC. Class or affinity reunions, specific scholarships, clubs and student organizations, campus ministry, and athletics are all areas where our volunteers make a real difference.

How We Will Help

We are committed to supporting you as a peer-to-peer ambassador by providing training, networking opportunities, and institutional updates. You will be the first in your network to know about upcoming events and the latest news from the University to pass along to your friends.

Still not sure? Watch this short video from President Dr. Spina.
Contact Our Peer-to-Peer Team
Meg Miller

Peer-To-Peer Coordinator

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Alyssa Samborsky

Peer-to-Peer Coordinator

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Amanda Rupp

Assistant Director of Reunion and Affinity Programs

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Carlos Stewart

Sr. Associate Director of Development, Diversity and Access Initiatives

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