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Distinguished Alumni Award

LTG (Retired) Thomas Seamands ’81

LTG (Retired) Thomas Seamands ’81
LTG (Retired) Thomas Seamands ’81

Born into a family of military service, Lieutenant General (LTG, Retired) Tom Seamands began his journey in the military at the University of Dayton where he joined Army ROTC. He transitioned from the U.S. Army after nearly 40 years in uniform, having served in combat and peacetime as a human resources officer across the United States, the Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, leading soldiers at all ranks from Lieutenant to Lieutenant General.

His culminating position in uniform was at the Pentagon as the Army G1 (Chief of People), responsible for human capital support to 1.3 million soldiers and civilians. Seamands was responsible for talent management, personnel policies, programs and budget for soldiers, civilians and families across the Army.

Before serving as the Army G1, Seamands commanded the Army’s Human Resources Command, served as the director of Military Personnel Management, and G1, FORSCOM where he was responsible for human resource support to the operational arm and largest organization in the Army. Additionally, Seamands was chief of the Army’s Senior Leader Development Office, managing all the Generals and Colonels across the force.

Currently, Seamands is a senior principal at McChrystal Group in Alexandria, VA where he helps organizations tap into the potential of their people to better compete in a complex and interconnected business environment. His work spans from pharmaceuticals and health care to mining and leading a cutting-edge program for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that brings together senior leaders from across our nation to focus on pertinent issues.

He met Melissa Kelly on their third day at UD in a political science seminar and they married following graduation. They have two grown daughters: Kate who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Os, and Colleen who is stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with her husband, Josh, and son, Daniel. Tom Seamands was the first in his family to attend UD, but the Seamands and UD family now include his brother, Greg, sister-in-law, Tammy, cousin, Lee Anne and daughter Colleen.

Distinguished Alumni Award
For national or international achievements

This award is the highest honor accorded by the Alumni Association and recognizes a graduate of the University of Dayton who has earned special distinction, thereby reflecting great honor on the University of Dayton and its alumni.

The award is given to a person who has sustained a record of accomplishment and whose reputation is widespread.

In selecting the distinguished alumni, special attention shall be given to the accomplishments that embody the University’s goal to participate effectively in the quest for a more perfect human society. To be eligible, a person must hold a degree from the University of Dayton, and must have received the degree at least 25 years prior to being nominated for the award. Unless there is a compelling reason to merit an exception, only one award will be given each year.

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Charles R. Wilke '40


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