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Distinguished Alumni Award

Ambassador W. Robert Kohorst ’75

Ambassador W. Robert Kohorst ’75
Ambassador W. Robert Kohorst ’75

Service has always been at the heart of everything Ambassador W. Robert Kohorst does.

After graduating from UD with a Bachelor of Science in accounting in 1975, Ambassador Kohorst earned his law degree from the University of Michigan and found success in various areas. He practiced law for several years, then served as a senior officer with a large real estate investment company, acquired a majority interest in two companies and founded a diversified real estate investment company.

During his career, Ambassador Kohorst also served as president of the San Gabriel Valley Boy Scouts Council and the San Gabriel Valley Young Presidents Organization, trustee for LaSalle High School, and as a regent for Loyola Marymount University.

Ambassador Kohorst and his wife, Shelley, were honored by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles for their service to the community and received the Vincent T. Lombardi Hall of Fame Award from the San Gabriel Valley Boy Scouts of America.

Ambassador Kohorst’s community involvement and business expertise led to his appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Croatia from 2018 to 2021. During that time, Ambassador Kohorst led the U.S. government’s efforts to further relations in many areas with Croatia, including the completion of a liquified natural gas terminal that benefited the European Union and other non-EU countries.

Upon completion of his term, the Croatian government awarded Ambassador Kohorst with the Order of Duke Branimir, which recognized outstanding progress in international relations.

He supported Flyers by serving on the School of Business Administration’s advisory council from 2001 to 2003 and has financially supported the school and Flyer Enterprise. Although he’s now technically retired, Ambassador Kohorst continues to work with Los Angeles Olympic Committee for the 2028 Olympic Games.


Distinguished Alumni Award
For national or international achievements

This award is the highest honor accorded by the Alumni Association and recognizes a graduate of the University of Dayton who has earned special distinction, thereby reflecting great honor on the University of Dayton and its alumni.

The award is given to a person who has sustained a record of accomplishment and whose reputation is widespread.

In selecting the distinguished alumni, special attention shall be given to the accomplishments that embody the University’s goal to participate effectively in the quest for a more perfect human society. To be eligible, a person must hold a degree from the University of Dayton, and must have received the degree at least 25 years prior to being nominated for the award. Unless there is a compelling reason to merit an exception, only one award will be given each year.

Past Recipients

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Richard A. Abdoo '65
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Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M. '64
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William E. Hammer, Jr. '62
James C. Herbert '63
Martin J. Hillenbrand '37
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George K. Houghtailing '29
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Soichi Kawazoe '30
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Thomas C. Kennedy '59
Donald M. Knowlan '51
John L. Lahey '68, '70
Frank F. Ledford, Jr. '55
John A. Lombardo '71
John J. Lucier, S.M. '37
Peter A. Luongo '65
John T. Makley '57
Torrence A. Makley, Jr. '40
Al H. Mahrt '12
M. Michele Mariscalco, M.D. '77
Lourdes Maurice, Ph.D. '83, '86
Paul V. McEnroe '59
John F. McHale '78
Theodore Q. Miller '68
Simon Nathan '42
Colombe Nicholas '64
Charles H. Noll '53
John L. O'Grady '68
Joseph D. Park '29
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Shirley A. Pohl '57
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Irmengard Raush '55
Raymond A. Roesch, S.M. '36
Col. Gordon R. Roberts '74
LTG (Retired) Thomas Seamands ’81
Dr. Richard M. Schoen '72
Sanford M. Shapero '50
Katherine Schipper '71
Barry J. Shillito '49
Tsu T. Soong, Ph.D. ’55
James R. Spotila '66
Eugene Steuerle '68
George E. Thoma '43
Fred Tenover, Ph.D. '76
Charles L. Weber '58
John R. Westerheide '47
Charles W. Whalen, Jr. '42
Bernard L. Whelan '09
Donald W. Wigal '55
Charles R. Wilke '40


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