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Giving Back Lights the Way Forward

As a University of Dayton donor, you make a difference. The collective giving of donors like you changes students’ lives forever and provides faculty members opportunities to shine brighter.

Your gifts make these stories possible

Turning Potential Into Action

Flyer Promise Scholars students can focus on school versus how they will pay for it.

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Forever Marianist

Marianist values are woven into every fiber of campus life thanks to the Forever Marianist Initiative.

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Committing to UD’s Future

Consistent, annual giving is a vote of confidence in UD’s mission.

Read the Trollinger’s Story

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  • Scholarship
  • Giving Societies
  • Impact

    See how donors and volunteers are helping move UD boldly forward to increase access to a UD education, create opportunities for experiential learning, and support academic innovation.

    Impact overview


    Supporting scholarships opens our campus community to students who build on our Catholic, Marianist ideals to lead lives filled with learning, leadership and service. Learn more about how you could make a difference for current and future Flyers.

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    Giving Societies

    Giving societies recognize and celebrate donors like you, who are helping UD become the best it can be. Donor commitment is more important than ever as we work to build a culture of philanthropy that will help Flyers reach new heights.

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    For me, that fear of financial difficulty was paralyzing as a part of my life and if I can relieve that for somebody, that’s a good use of that money.

    Bill Stankey ’80

    In Fiscal Year ‘22

    42.3 million

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