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Special Achievement Award

Special Achievement Award

The Special Achievement Award is presented to an alumnus who has distinguished themself by earning special distinction in civic or professional activities and has, by their actions, reflected honor on the Alumni Association and the University. The Special Achievement Award is given for outstanding achievement in business, in industry, through professional excellence, by civic activity or by service to the community. To be eligible, a person must hold a degree from the University of Dayton.

Wendy Humphrey Doolittle ’98

Master of Education, Social Agency
Wendy Humphrey Doolittle ’98
Wendy Humphrey Doolittle ’98

For nearly 30 years, Wendy Humphrey Doolittle has been giving struggling individuals and families hope as the chief executive officer of McKinley Hall, a substance abuse treatment facility in Springfield, Ohio.

McKinley Hall’s mission focuses on adding supplemental services, like housing, transportation, employment and mental health services, that aid in long-term recovery.

“If you don't have a place to lay your head at night, or your belly’s not full, you can’t focus on treatment,” Doolittle said.

Doolittle began her career at McKinley during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic in the early 1990s.

“We had lots of men coming in, but we didn’t have women coming in because they were terrified that they would lose custody of their children,” she said.

This drove Doolittle to establish a gender-specific program for women at McKinley. They shifted treatment times to accommodate school drop-off schedules and allocated rooms specifically for children to stay with their mothers.

Doolittle said she is proud of the facility’s success rate. She has earned honors for her work, including Social Worker of the Year for Ohio Region VII. She also serves on UD’s School of Education and Health Sciences Advisory Council.

“For so many years, [substance abuse] was viewed as a moral issue, but what science has shown us over the years is this is a brain-based disease,” she said. “I want to work with people to get mentally, physically and spiritually healthy to be able to live their best lives.”

Jeffrey J. Jones II ’90

Bachelor of Arts, Communications
Jeffrey J. Jones II ’90
Jeffrey J. Jones II ’90

Jeffrey J. Jones is not your typical big-business CEO. Throughout his executive career as the first president of Uber, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Target, and a leader with both Coca-Cola Co. and Gap, Jones has had one focus — putting people first.

In his current role as CEO of H&R Block, he said he is striving to help people achieve their goals, whether that be customers, associates, or shareholders.

It’s a mentality he’s had since earning his degree at UD.

“Clearly, my time at UD has always had me be community minded,” he said. “As a professional, I’ve worked in different places and had a chance to see when that [people] dynamic is present, how positive it can be. And when it’s missing, how negative it can be.”

It was this mindset that led him to resign from Uber after just seven months, citing that his beliefs and leadership style were inconsistent with what he saw at Uber.

“I’m incredibly proud of the purpose-based decisions I’ve made in my life,” he said. “And I’m incredibly proud of the progress H&R Block is making in its transformation.”

Under Jones’ leadership, H&R Block has started initiatives to help support its communities and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Jones shared his thoughts about leadership with current students during a webinar hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences last year.

“When there’s an opportunity for the company to use its platform to provide help and inspire confidence in our communities, it’s a decision we lean into and we don’t take it lightly,” he said.

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Haleem N. Zihenni '88


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