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UD Sinclair Academy

Benefits and Scholarships

Looking for affordable options for a four-year degree? As part of the Academy, you'll pay Sinclair's tuition while taking classes at Sinclair, but you'll be part of the UD community, too. That means you'll be on the path to a more affordable four-year degree with access to UD's advising, student activities and athletic events all four years. 

The UD Sinclair Academy offers an affordable way to earn a four-year degree. The most common reason why students join the UD Sinclair Academy is the financial savings.

As a member of the Academy you'll benefit from:

  • Affordable Sinclair tuition — which is among the lowest in the state — while enrolled at Sinclair College.
  • A transparent tuition offer with no fees, no hidden costs or additional expenses while at UD. Learn more about UD's four-year approach to tuition.
  • Automatic consideration for a UD merit scholarship, worth up to $29,000 each year at UD.*
  • Eligibility for UD grants, loans and work study experiences designed for Academy students.
  • Eligibility for a textbook scholarship worth up to $500 each semester at UD. To be considered for financial aid, file the FAFSA and list both Sinclair and UD to receive the results.

*Additional tuition discounts may be available for majors in the School of Education and Health Sciences.

As a member of the UD Sinclair Academy, you'll be a part of both campus communities from day one. This seamless experience allows you to build friendships, get involved, receive consistent academic advising and easily transfer your credits. Student life and academic benefits include:


James Magwood, Director of Recruitment and Admission for Community College Partnerships

Albert Emanuel Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469

Meet Our Team

Have questions? The UD Sinclair Academy team is here to help you navigate every step of the process - from applying and enrolling to taking classes and getting involved on both campuses.

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Application Deadlines

Apply by February 1 for the spring semester or August 1 for the fall semester.