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UD Sinclair Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions most often asked by prospective students planning to join the UD Sinclair Academy. We are also happy to answer questions or provide more information; simply contact James Magwood for assistance.

Admission Process

The free online application can be found on the UD Sinclair Academy website.

Students should apply using the UD Sinclair Academy application, but do not need to apply directly to UD. Students not already enrolled at Sinclair College should visit Sinclair’s website for more information on the admission process.

The application deadlines for the UD Sinclair Academy are August 1 for the fall semester and February 1 for the spring semester.

Current high school students who have completed high school through at least their junior year and current Sinclair College students who have at least one full semester remaining to complete their associate's degree.

Official transcripts should be sent to UD from all colleges and universities previously attended as part of the UD Sinclair Academy application process.

Admission requirements differ depending on whether a student is applying as a high school student or a current Sinclair College student. Specific admission requirements for each type of applicant can be found in the application process.


Students admitted to the UD Sinclair Academy will be automatically considered for academic merit scholarships as either a first-year or transfer student into the program.

Explore UDSA Affordability and Scholarships

Yes, merit scholarships are locked in. UD Sinclair Academy students have up to 3 years to complete their associate's degree (or minimum 30 credit hours for engineering pathways) before transitioning to UD.

Explore UDSA Affordability and Scholarships

Yes, UD Sinclair Academy students will have up to $500 each semester to rent textbooks through the UD Bookstore upon transitioning to UD.

To be considered for financial aid, file the FAFSA and list both Sinclair and UD to receive the results.

Students and families are encouraged to file the FAFSA for both Sinclair and UD. UD will review the FAFSA at the time of admission into the UD Sinclair Academy and will put together a transparent financial aid offer outlining the cost to complete the bachelor's degree.


Yes, academic advising from both schools is a benefit of the UD Sinclair Academy. Students are required to meet with their UD advisor at least once a semester while enrolled at Sinclair.

Students do need to select a major when applying into the UD Sinclair Academy. Some pathways may offer more flexibility for students who are undecided within a specific discipline. If you are unsure about your major, contact James Magwood to discuss further.

Most majors require the completion of an associate's degree to be eligible to transition to UD. Students pursuing majors under the School of Engineering are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours toward their pathway at Sinclair.

Students must commit to a pathway program that is offered through the UD Sinclair Academy to be eligible.

Students interested in a major outside of the Academy offerings are encouraged to consider our undergraduate admission website for information on admission requirements, scholarships and application deadlines.