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UD Sinclair Academy

A Four-Year Degree is Within Reach

The UD Sinclair Academy offers an affordable way to earn a four-year degree. The most common reason why students join the UD Sinclair Academy is the financial savings.

As a member of the Academy you'll benefit from:

  • Affordable Sinclair tuition — which is among the lowest in the state — while enrolled at Sinclair College.
  • A transparent tuition offer with no fees, no hidden costs or additional expenses while at UD. Learn more about UD's four-year approach to tuition.
  • Automatic consideration for scholarships:
    • First-year students are eligible for a merit scholarship worth up to $31,000 each year at UD.
    • Transfer students are considered for a transfer scholarship of $16,000 and Academic Excellence Awards at UD.
    • A $3,000 scholarship for members of Phi Theta Kappa at the time of admission.
      • UD Sinclair Academy students, who become members of Phi Theta Kappa after admission and prior to transitioning to UD will be considered for the PTK scholarship on an exception basis as funding is available. This request will be reviewed by the University of Dayton Office of Financial Aid. UDSA students should contact Julia Thompson, Director of Student Success for Community College Partnerships, for more information.
    • Students admitted into an academic pathway through the School of Education and Health Science may be eligible for a half-tuition scholarship.
  • Eligibility for UD grants, loans and work study experiences designed for Academy students.
  • Eligibility for a textbook scholarship worth up to $500 each semester at UD.

Financial Aid

In order to be considered for financial aid, file the FAFSA and list both Sinclair and UD to receive the results.

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Kessler Scholars Program

The Kessler Scholars Program at the UD Sinclair Academy provides four years of comprehensive financial, academic and personal support for first-generation college students who enroll in the UD Sinclair Academy.

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I always knew that I wanted to go to UD and the UD Sinclair Academy gave me the opportunity to attend UD for a fraction of the price. It has given me the chance to become the first in my family to attend college.

Danielle Hammond, UDSA Class of 2023