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U.S. & Abroad

Ways to Engage

At the University of Dayton, we seek opportunities that allow you to connect with the global community. We do this through formal partnerships with international organizations and universities abroad that offer a variety of options for your academic and professional development. 

Below, you'll see an overview of some of our U.S.-based and international opportunities for global and intercultural learning at UD, as well as key information about health and safety. 

For more information about our programs, or to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please explore the links on this page or visit our Studio Abroad website


Global Learning: U.S. and Abroad

Alumni Hall, Room 211
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1701

The Semester Abroad and Intercultural Leadership Program (SAIL) is a year-long education abroad and leadership development program. This innovative program entails a fall semester abroad at one of the three current study abroad sites in Ireland, Spain or Ghana, paired with participation in an intercultural leadership program which includes special housing during the spring semester.

SAIL is a no-additional cost program, meaning you pay the same amount for your fall semester abroad as you would for a semester at UD (includes UD tuition and housing).  Most financial aid packages apply.

In addition, you will be awarded the following benefits:

  • Airfare cost covered by University of Dayton.  
  • Housing arranged by UD
  • Location-specific additions which may include: Airport pick-up, transportation cards, welcome meals, etc. Details will be shared with you based on program of choice.
  • Access to guaranteed Special Interest Housing at UD upon your return in the Spring.
    • Juniors and Seniors: Houses in the Neighborhood
    • Sophomores: Caldwell Apartments in the Global Learning Living Community
  • A one-credit course designed to support you before, during, and after your experience abroad.

These programs, taught and facilitated by UD faculty, take place during winter or summer breaks. They provide direct UD credit by offering intentional academic instruction in the context of the site. These programs are ideal for you if you wish to cultivate unique experiences around a common academic interest alongside your UD peers and faculty. Also, due to their timing outside of the traditional academic year, they can often assist you in graduating early, adding a minor or second major, or may even free up time in your four year plan for a semester-long internship or co-op.

Examples of these programs include:

Food, Research, and Sport in Chile

Visual Culture and Film in China

Business and History in Spain

Engineering in Florence

Professional Writing in Hawaii


Cost Range: $5,000 - $12,000*

*Cost range varies significantly since students enroll in 3–10 credit hours, depending on the program/location

Academic Credit: 3 - 10 credit hours

Length: Typically 4 weeks, could be 2 - 8 weeks

Click here to see current Summer and Winter Break programs.

Semester-long programs take place during the fall or spring semester and give students the opportunity to live and study as a visiting student at any number of our partner schools abroad. These immersive, more independent, programs allow students to become part of a campus community overseas while still staying on track for their given major here at the University of Dayton. These opportunities take more planning, and it is advised that students start speaking to academic and education abroad advisors early in order to find the best campus and environment to meet their goals.

Examples of these programs include:

SAIL Program: Semester Abroad and Intercultural Leadership

Exchange Programs

Cost Range:  Net tuition guarantee applies. Students should plan for onsite housing expenses, spending money, and travel expenses.

Academic Credit: Typically 12 - 15 credit hours

Length: One semester or a full year

Click here to see current Semester-long programs.

Integrated Learning Programs specialize in weaving a travel component into an already existing fall or spring semester course at UD. These on-campus courses take the opportunity to expand upon the course curriculum through intentional travel during designated breaks in our academic year. Fall courses often involve travel in early January, while spring courses utilize our existing spring break or early May (following the end of exams). Integrated learning allows professors to take their students, and the content, one step further into an applied learning context abroad.

Examples of these programs include:

History of Spain in Spain

Advocacy Filmmaking in Costa Rica

Human Rights Practicum in Malawi

International Medical Experience in Panama or Mexico

Cost Range: Up to $3,350. Costs may include expenses like housing, meals, excursions, and flights.

Academic Credit: 3 credit hours. However, some programs offer 6 credit hours.

Length: Typically 1 - 2 weeks, although some programs span multiple semesters

Click here to see current Integrated Learning Programs.

Through these programs, you have the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural learning and reflection during any of your winter, spring, or summer breaks. These programs typically do not have academic credit tied to their programing, but they offer rich opportunities to apply skills and personal vocation to the various tasks presented in site.  

Examples of these programs include:

ETHOS Engineering BreakOut in Central America, where you’ll use your engineering skills to improve lives and make our environment more sustainable.

Center for Social Concern BreakOuts and Immersions in locations like Ecuador, Mexico, Belize, Puerto Rico or India, where you’ll work alongside students to put social justice into practice.

Cost Range: Up to $3,350. Costs may include expenses like housing, meals, excursions, and flights.

Academic Credit: None

Length: 1 - 6 weeks

Click here to see current Cross-Cultural Experiences

If you're a graduate student seeking to integrate education abroad experience into your graduate studies, a number of programs are offered in a range of disciplines. These programs, often catered to an adult population, offer intentional experiences that fit well into your schedule as you seek a postgraduate degree.

Examples of these programs include:

Counselor Education in Costa Rica

Lawyer as Global Citizen in Prague

Higher Education and Student Affairs in Europe

DPT Independent Study in India

Cost Range: $2,500 - $3,200. Costs vary based on credit hours, length, and inclusions, but typically cover at least housing and program activities.

Academic Credit: 0 - 3 credit hours

Length: 1 - 2 weeks

Click here to see current Graduate Programs

There are inherent risks anytime you travel. However, those risks can be mitigated with preparations you can take in advance and on-site, as well as training on what to do if an emergency does arise. The Global & Intercultural Affairs Center ensures that all students who are going abroad participate in a health and safety pre-departure session to discuss ways to contribute to a healthy and safe experience abroad. 

The University of Dayton has numerous resources and established processes to respond to emergencies that occur and impact all UD travelers abroad. These include:

  • UD International Assessment Team
  • A top-rated medical and security support provider, available 24/7
  • Access to country intelligence through a risk management firm for all travelers
  • Mandatory pre-departure orientations
  • Emergency Response protocols
  • Emergency contact numbers, answered 24/7

In addition, the university monitors the world-wide situation, manages emergency response protocols, and stays in close contact with our medical and security support services provider, as well as overseas partners.