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Meet Our Academy Team

Our UD Sinclair Academy Team is here to help you in every step of the Academy process.  We are the single point of contact for UD Sinclair Academy students, and we work as a team to help answer all of your questions.

Our UD Sinclair Academy Team members are:
Julia Thompson

Students can reach out to Julia Thompson from UD to schedule a phone or virtual appointment. 

Phone: 937-229-2874

Email: Julia Thompson

Natalie Schulte

Schedule a chat with a current UD student and UD Sinclair Academy student, Natalie Schulte.  Natalie can also schedule a virtual chat with other current UD students.

Email: Natalie Schulte

Hideo Tsuchida

Faculty and academic advisors can contact Hideo Tsuchida from UD about questions related to current pathway majors, as well as exploration of new pathway majors.

Phone: 937-229-4479

Email: Hideo Tsuchida

Kimberly Collins

Students can contact Kimberly Collins from Sinclair College to discuss admission and advising items they need to complete for Sinclair. 

Phone: 937-512-4740

Email: Kimberly Collins