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Release of School of Law Grades

The School of Law Registrar processes final grades as they are submitted by faculty. The posting and release of all grades will be deferred until an assigned date after the exam period has ended.

Grades will be made available to students via the Internet during the grading period. When all grades are final, a grade report is generated for each student. Transcripts are available as grades are posted.

A notation of "Highest Grade" will be posted to the transcripts of students who achieve the highest grade in any law course. These students will also receive the CALI Award during the awards ceremony held at the School of Law every spring. CALI's presented at the spring ceremony are for outstanding academic performance during the spring and summer terms of the previous academic year and fall term of the current academic year.

Academic Standing Policy

Students whose cumulative grade-point average is 2.2 or higher are in good standing.

Upper-level students must have at least 2.5 cumulative grade point average in order to participate in an Independent Study, Directed Reading, and a 2.5 to take courses away at another law school.

See the Policy Manual for the full Academic Standing policy.

Academic Probation


Any student whose cumulative GPA at the end of any regular semester is below 2.2, but who is eligible to continue studies in the School of Law (whether under terms of these academic standards or by virtue of readmission), is on academic probation.

Academic Dismissal Standards

A student will be dismissed if:

  • His or her cumulative GPA is less than 2.0 at the end of the first year of law school study.
  • His or her cumulative GPA is less than 2.2 at the end of any subsequent academic year.

Mandatory Grading Norms

First Year Courses

Beginning in the Fall of 2024, first-year courses on Grading Option A, other than Legal Profession I and II, shall be subject to the following grade distribution:

5-25% of the class shall receive A+, A, A-, or B+ grades

35-65% of the class shall receive B, B-, C+, or C grades

15-40% of the class shall receive C-, D+, D, or F grades

The mean GPA for the class shall not exceed 2.85.

Upper Level Courses

Upper-level courses on Grading Option A must meet a mandatory mean between 2.75 to 3.05.

For more information on mandatory grading, please view the Policy Manual.

Course Credit Types and Grading System

Course Credit Type A: Substantive, grading course (A, B, C, etc)
Course Credit Type B: Exceptional, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory (no credit awarded)
Course Credit Type C: Credit, No Credit

Grade Quality Point Explanation
  Course Credit Type A
A+ 4.3 Exceptional
A 4.0 Superior
A- 3.7 Excellent
B+ 3.3 Good
B 3.0 Good
B- 2.7 Average
C+ 2.3 Pass
C 2.0 Pass
C- 1.7 Below Average; Pass
D+ 1.3 Below Average; Pass
D 1.0 Poor; Pass
F 0.0 Failure
  Course Credit Type B  
EX 0.0 Exceptional; Pass
S 0.0 Satisfactory; Pass
U 0.0 Unsatisfactory; No Credit
  Course Credit Type C  
CR 0.0 Credit
NC 0.0 No Credit
  Miscellaneous Grading Notations  
I 0.0 Incomplete
W 0.0 Withdrawn
P 0.0 Course in Progress
X 0.0 Audit (no credit)
N 0.0 No Grade Reported
K 0.0 Transfer Credit Awarded

Class Rankings

Class Standing at the conclusion of Semesters:

Fall 2021 Semester - 1L Fall Starters Residential Students
Spring 2022 Semester
- 1L Fall Starters Residential Students
Fall 2022 Semester  -  1L  Fall Starters Residential Students
Spring 2023 Semester - 1L Fall Starters Residential Students


Registrar's Office

Keller Hall
300 College Park
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