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Sustainability June 12, 2024
Rethinking recycling after a trip to Cincinnati
The Hanley Sustainability Institute Summer Fellows recently visited the Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub to volunteer and take a tour.
Faculty and Staff June 12, 2024
Celebrating Jill Talley’s 40 years in the Honors Program
After an incredible 40 years of service to the University Honors Program (UHP), Jill Talley will be retiring from the University of Dayton at the end of June.
Engineering June 11, 2024
Tarek Taha and Chris Yakopcic: Pioneers of innovation at the University of Dayton

In the halls of the University of Dayton, where innovation thrives, Tarek Taha and Chris Yakopcic are creating technological marvels. Their journey — from theoretical musings to tangible patents — has reshaped their careers.

The prolific path: 32 patents and counting

Service June 11, 2024
Leadership, Friendship, Service: Alpha Phi Omega’s Story
Take a look back at the university's first coed service fraternity.
Campus and Community June 10, 2024
Addressing food insecurity in Dayton one meal at a time
In Dayton, food deserts exist largely as a result of redlining and disinvestment in predominantly Black neighborhoods.
Faculty June 10, 2024
College Faculty in the News: June 10, 2024

News agencies across the region, the nation and throughout the world often reach out to our faculty experts for their perspectives on today's issues. 

Faith/Mission June 07, 2024
Military spiritual mentoring course soars to new heights with the VLCFF

The VLCFF had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with retired Col. of the U.S. Air Force, Suzy Streeter, and develop a mentoring program within the military for those wishing to strengthen their faith.

Faculty June 06, 2024
Sharon Davis Gratto, world and funk music champion, retires after 16 years at UD

Gratto championed global music and Dayton’s funk music heritage during her time at the University of Dayton.

Engineering June 03, 2024
Kind People, Meaningful Work: My Unforgettable Trip to Ecuador

Chemical engineering student Caleb Herbon recently visited Ecuador through the Ethos Center and shares of his life-changing experience.

Service June 03, 2024
Family physician, alumna inspires the next generation of doctors at UD
Annette Chavez's work builds on a long tradition in the University of Dayton's pre-medical department.