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Campus and Community June 01, 2020
Peer-to-Peer and Flyer-to-Flyer
As a peer-to-peer ambassador, I serve as a link between UD alumni and what is happening on campus.
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Engineering June 01, 2020
How ETHOS Prepared Me for an International Career Working with Alternative Energy
Steve Osgood graduated from UD in May 2007 with a degree in chemical engineering and a minor in international business. While at UD he completed two international ETHOS immersions in Brazil and Bolivia. He currently lives in Chicago with his wife and dog and works for LanzaTech, which researches and licenses technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Faith/Mission June 01, 2020
Weekly Marian Features: June 1, 2020

Magnificat, life of Mary after Jesus' public ministry, Madonna of the Street and more.

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Libraries May 31, 2020
June Madness: Library Kicks Off Bracketology of Books
64 titles face off in a tournament of tomes — mystery/thriller, nonfiction, sci-fi/fantasy and classics. Will you have the winning bracket? Voting starts Monday, June 1.
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Human Rights May 30, 2020
Closing Civic Cyberspace: The Off-Swtich and Other Modes of Internet Restriction

Even in resource poor environments, the internet and associated information technologies have become an indispensable resource for communication, mobilization, information gathering, and learning. These powerful tools are viewed by many governments as threats to their existence. Our challenge is to understand the tools of government internet censorship and devise effective points of pressure for governments who employ internet censorship as well as protections for civil society that operates in restrictive environments. This article is part of the "Next Generation in Thought Leadership" series.

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President May 30, 2020
May Love Light Our Path
In a letter to the campus community, I ask students, faculty and staff to "take a stand on the side of justice, on the side of dignity for all of God’s children."
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Human Rights May 29, 2020
Human Rights Advocacy in El Salvador: Three Media Use Cases

Historically, civil society and the Salvadoran government have struggled to cooperate to solve the country’s most troubling issues – including violence, migration, and abuse of human rights. Civil society organizations in El Salvador had frequently been accused by public officials as being overly critical of the government instead of trying to work cooperatively and effectively to solve these problems. Conversely, government has paid scant attention to CSO advocacy efforts and their demands for greater transparency and accountability. USAID's Rights and Dignity Project (2017–2022) was designed to address this challenge. This article is part of the "Next Generation in Thought Leadership" series.

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Human Rights May 28, 2020
Creating a Diagnostic to Fund Civil Society Self-Reliance: Challenges and Lessons
As international donor funding recedes, civil society organizations in resource poor environments have struggled to remain financially viable. Additionally, over-reliance on a single or limited number of donors impedes CSOs’ ability to advocate for causes that are meaningful to their constituents and to act independently on initiatives which they value. This article is part of the "Next Generation in Thought Leadership" series.
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President May 28, 2020
Less dedicated filmmakers might have shelved their project in the midst of a pandemic, but not these media production students who finished editing "Dayton's Darkest Summer: The Rise From Tragedy" remotely and premiered it not in a theatre but in a Zoom room. In its first week, thousands viewed the powerful film.
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Human Rights May 27, 2020
COVID-19 and Human Trafficking
The increased exploitation and trafficking of vulnerable persons is a major consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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