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Giving February 03, 2023
A Passion for People

Have you ever been to a UD wedding? When two graduates tie the knot, it’s a big deal for a lot of Flyers (emphasis on a lot — if you know, you know). And, if you do know, then you also understand that the UD community is always there. Not just for the big celebrations, but also for the most devastating times, too. That’s what a true community does for each other.

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Libraries February 02, 2023
Midterm Cheer
Therapy dogs, free coffee, snacks and crafts will make midterms feel less mid.
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Engineering February 01, 2023
An engineer in theater: “To thine own self be true.”

Nicholas Rollin felt split in two. As a mechanical engineering major, he was invested in his studies, but he also wanted to explore his love for technical theater. Instead of having to pick, Rollin found wholeness at UD.

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Libraries January 31, 2023
Father of Black History
The story and the man behind Black History Month: Carter G. Woodson.
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Technology January 31, 2023
University of Dayton top 9 percent of U.S. schools in national cybersecurity competition
UD computer science students finished in the top 9 percent nationally in the National Cyber League’s fall season.
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January 27, 2023
Meet Courtney Kingston, Program Coordinator
The Honors Program welcomed Courtney to our team this month.
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Faculty January 27, 2023
Has the new age of grading arrived? Simplify Your Process with Gradescope
What is Gradescope, and will it enhance your grading process? I spoke with a variety of Gradescope users to find out.
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Libraries January 26, 2023
Real Dialogue, Real Change

At the personal level, Black history shows that dialogue leads to positive change.

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Human Rights January 26, 2023
Join the Global Human Rights Movement in 2023
Mary Tyler of Mary E. Tyler Consulting, LLC. writes for the Dayton Daily News about Human Rights Cities and the Dayton c
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Campus and Community January 24, 2023
Business Ethics and Environmental Sustainability: Students step up on UD campus to help Santa
The final event of the Fall 2022 Semester, before the BEES turned their focus toward final exams, was helping Santa.
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