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Faculty June 02, 2023
Four Pedagogical Models for Teaching the Whole Person
In a recent survey by Inside Higher Ed, students declared that their top roadblock to success in higher education is teaching style. Surely, the students who don’t do their work or put off the readings or participate in academic dishonesty more than classroom discussions must not feel teaching style is what stopped them from being successful in their courses?
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Campus and Community May 31, 2023
Preserving Ukrainian Culture and Spirituality

Jyl Hall, a local city council member and adjunct professor with a doctorate in intercultural studies, will speak on supporting Ukrainian friends — and Ukrainian culture — in conjunction with the Marian Library’s East Meets West exhibit.

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Campus and Community May 31, 2023
All in the UD Family

You know what they say … “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the Chapel.” Well, that’s not exactly what they say, but for the father and daughter duo of Steve ’88 and Erin ’18 Clark, it seems appropriate.

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Faith/Mission May 30, 2023
VLCFF student shares her gratitude
Sr. Judith Segla, of the Sisters of Notre Dame de L’Eglise, wrote to us to express her gratitude for the sponsorship she received allowing her to partake in one of our online courses.
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Campus and Community May 29, 2023
The Experience Is Everything

Although Marty Kilbane ’21 grew up in Cleveland, his parents — both UD grads — established a tradition of taking the family to Dayton to attend Christmas on Campus, and the result is truly a gift.

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President May 25, 2023
A Dayton Original
Willis “Bing” Davis makes a lasting impression on everyone he meets — from school-age children to my 97-year-old father, from scholars and artists far and wide to community leaders.
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Faculty May 24, 2023
ChatGPT vs. UD Faculty - Who Writes the Best Prompts?
Discussion forums are often cited as students' least favorite part of online learning. Can UD faculty write online discussion prompts better than ChatGPT?
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Faith/Mission May 19, 2023
Compline and Cones

"The opportunity for Compline at UD has been a real blessing in my practice of faith this past year. The weekly Thursday prayer sessions have been a consistent period of encounter with the grace and peace of Christ's presence." (Joshua Michonski '23)

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Human Rights May 19, 2023
Hudson named University's Human Rights Center executive director
A distinguished scholar who has served as a consultant to the European Union and the United Nations will become executive director of the UD Human Rights Center.
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Libraries May 18, 2023
Meet Me at Roesch
Alumni can start their Saturday of Reunion Weekend at the library.
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