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Faith/Mission October 30, 2020
Solemnity of All Saints
Just like our relatives, the memory of the Saints and their spiritual presence is available any time we recall them.
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Libraries October 30, 2020
Mini-Course to Connect Archives to Black Life in Dayton and at UD

A mini-course this winter will present a hands-on approach with historical artifacts that connect to the experiences of Black people in Dayton and at UD during the first half of the 20th century.

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Sustainability October 29, 2020
Environmental and climate justice the theme for 2021 Romero Human Rights Center Award; nominations sought
The University of Dayton Human Rights Center is inviting nominations for the 2021 recipient of the Romero Human Rights Award. A release from the center said the award, which was established in 2000, commemorates the ministry and martyrdom of the slain Salvadoran Archbishop Saint Oscar Romero. The award honors an individual or organization whose work has contributed significantly to the alleviation of human suffering and injustice. This year’s theme is environmental justice.
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Faculty and Staff October 29, 2020
Isidore is the Stick; You can be the Carrot
According to the 2020 Educause Student Technology Report, students heavily rely on reminders and nudges to help them stay on track for their work. But, what helps students stay motivated for their work?
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Experiential Learning October 29, 2020
2020 DC Flyers Make the Best out of the Unexpected
After being moved online, the 2020 DC Flyer cohort had to make the best out of their virtual internships this summer.
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President October 29, 2020
The Flyer Family

Who doesn't do better when mom and dad are in your corner? And how about lots of moms and dads?

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October 28, 2020
Public Safety Campus Town Hall
Public Safety to participate in its first Town Hall November 17
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Faith/Mission October 26, 2020
Vocation Perspectives: Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery shares her insight into the life-long journey of vocation and shares advice and tips for students who are struggling in their discernment process.
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Libraries October 26, 2020
Mysterious Manuscripts, Cursed Chronicles and Specters in the Stacks

Fred Jenkins sheds dust-filtered light on dark tales set in libraries, bookshops, museums and archives.

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Libraries October 26, 2020
Archives Month Spotlight: Documenting Mary in the Digital Age

Web archiving protects online information about Mary from erasure, revision, overwriting and obsolescence.

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