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President October 15, 2018
All About Mary
The Marian Library attracts scholars and the curious, Mary aficionados and pop culture lovers. It’s a treasure trove of all things Mary.
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President October 01, 2018
Here Comes the Sun...
When I climbed up on the roof of Fitz Hall this spring to observe the installation of solar panels, I caught a glimpse of a bright future.
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President September 24, 2018
Roesch Refresh
Roesch Library has always had personality, some might even say a bit of an attitude. After taking a sneak peek at the second-floor makeover, part of a $10.7 million modernization that will wrap up next August, I predict “Club Roesch” — as students lovingly call it — will be one of the coolest university libraries around.
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President September 14, 2018
Great Joy. Great Purpose. Great Struggle.
University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina warmly welcomed faculty and staff to a new academic year, focusing his annual address around three short phrases: Great Joy. Great Purpose. Great Struggle.
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President September 11, 2018
A Summer to Remember
It's not hard to spot University of Dayton students, even if their T-shirts don’t sport our ever-present logo. They carry their passion like a calling card.
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President September 08, 2018
That's Passion
These University of Dayton alumni excel and inspire. Meet the 2018 award winners.
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President August 22, 2018
Renewed Journey of Faith
In a message to students, faculty, and staff on the first day of the fall semester, I offer a heartfelt welcome and ask us to be "the best community members we can be."
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President August 20, 2018
Great Joy, Great Blessing
One by one, members of the President’s Council placed an artifact representing either a favorite part of their job or their philosophy of leadership into the center of the room at the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein.
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President August 13, 2018
Welcome to the Neighborhood, Adèle!
Although the Adèle Center still needed some finishing touches when I toured it a few weeks ago, it’s not going to take long for the new kid on the block to gain respect as it welcomes its first student residents this week.
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President August 06, 2018
Our Home is an R&D Powerhouse
“Alex, I’ll take research powerhouses for $200.” Not only could I ace this category on “Jeopardy!” but I could also draw well-deserved attention to the University of Dayton Research Institute, whose growth has helped propel UD to a record $150 million in annual sponsored research and impressive research rankings.
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