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Ed.D. Program Welcomes New Faculty Member

The Educational Doctorate Program in  Leadership for Organizations welcomes our new full-time faculty member, Dr. Aaliyah Baker. Dr. Baker comes to the University of Dayton from Cardinal Stritch University. At Cardinal Stritch, Dr. Baker taught in the Educational Leadership Doctoral Studies Department and the Department of Language and Literacy. She also served as Co-Director of research and replication in the Urban Literacy Centers. Dr. Baker's research and practice have centered around building anti-racist communities of practice, cultural competence in higher education, and developing critical consciousness. 

Dr. Baker will teach in the Ed.D Program for Organizational Administration in the  Department of Educational Administration. As part of her role in the program, Dr. Baker will also guide a diverse group of Ed.D. students through writing their Dissertation in Practice (DiP). Serving as the Chair of these DiPs means she will work closely with these students over six of the nine terms of the Ed.D. to design, develop and implement a problem of practice study that is defended in their final term of the program.  While working with EdD students on their DiP research projects, Dr. Baker will mentor students on how to identify critical skills, strengths, and possibilities for research and courageous leadership in organizations and solidify steps toward expanding community advocacy and antiracist leadership particularly through the incredibly supportive University of Dayton initiatives.  This requires a unique skillset of connecting research to practice in organizations and society at large.

Dr. Baker states that the University of Dayton's stance as an anti-racist University attracted her the most to the position. To come to UD was an opportunity to combine her teaching experience, research, and scholarly service in a way that truly allowed her to practice in an anti-racist setting. In her short time here at UD, Dr. Baker has greatly appreciated the Marianist tradition of the University. She views the Marianist traditions as being centered in a way that is both critical and responsive. These "qualities align with social and political processes that make us human ." The Marianist position allows for equity and change that impact the communities that UD serves. 

When asked about her initial impression of Dayton, she said, "Dayton feels like stepping back in time in all the right ways. For me, it feels like how I grew up; riding my bike around town, knowing my neighbors, and being a connected community". It is a great place to raise her two boys.  She and the family enjoy getting involved in their new neighborhood and school. They stay busy with sporting events, community cookouts, and school activities. They especially enjoy the opportunity to ride their bikes around town. Dr. Baker often rides her bike from her home to her office in Fitz Hall. In the evening, the family enjoys biking to enjoy a cone of ice cream at Graeter’s or taking a short drive to Ritter’s Frozen Custard. “When everyone isn't overly busy, we can remember these small things that make us whole." Dr. Baker also likes that Dayton serves as a gateway to many of the other great communities in Ohio which have much to offer.

Some interesting tidbits about Dr. Baker are that she is the second child of seven. She attributes her childhood experience in a large family to teaching her responsibility early on. It was also critical to help her learn how to operate within a group, empower others and uplift the community. When asked what she'll miss the most about Milwaukee, she quickly stated, "funnel cakes!". Even with all of the fall festivals, funnel cakes have still been difficult to find. "In Milwaukee, you can find funnel cakes in grocery stores." She's not kidding either! Milwaukee boasts several funnel cake food trucks. Dr. Baker has had the opportunity to travel to some exotic destinations, but she still hopes to visit India one day. 

Welcome, Dr. Baker! The University of Dayton and the Leadership for Organizations team are blessed to have you join us here in Dayton. You can find Dr. Baker in Suite 665 of Fitz Hall in the Department of Educational Administration. 

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