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Diversity and Inclusion October 31, 2018
Community Means Everyone Week 2018: Screening and Discussion of 'What Are You?'
In this AVIATE event, part of Community Means Everyone Week, attendees will view the 2013 film "What Are You? Microaggressions & LGBTQ Identities," discuss their impressions of it, and explore the meaning of community at UD and beyond.
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Fine and Performing Arts October 29, 2018
The Marian Consort: Music through the Centuries
Attendees of the Marian Library's most recent 75th anniversary concert were enriched with Marian music of the Renaissance
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Faith/Mission October 29, 2018
Weekly Marian Features: Oct. 29, 2018
October is winding down, so now we look to All Saints Day as the subject of our features for the week.
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Faith/Mission October 22, 2018
From Cathedral to Yurt
Introducing two newly created settings for this year's 'At the Manger' exhibit
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Libraries October 22, 2018
Six Degrees of Separation: Mary and Luke Skywalker
Librarians and staff at the Marian Library field all types of calls all the time. A call from a Hollywood production company, however, is a new one.
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Faith/Mission October 22, 2018
Weekly Marian Features: Oct. 22, 2018
This week's list of features continues with the Rosary theme, but also looks at reactions to Marian images as well as Nativity motifs in art.
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Experiential Learning October 20, 2018
The Immigration Simulation
What is it like to be an immigrant in Ohio? Register for the Immigration Simulation developed by students in ANT325: Anthropology of Human Rights.
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Libraries October 15, 2018
A Vampire Bonanza: Recommended Reading and Viewing ahead of ‘Dracula: Bloodlines’
In support of UD’s first-year arts immersion into ‘Dracula: Bloodlines’ and the vampire narrative, a University Libraries staff member has compiled a list of relevant, informative, and entertaining resources.
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President October 15, 2018
All About Mary
The Marian Library attracts scholars and the curious, Mary aficionados and pop culture lovers. It’s a treasure trove of all things Mary.
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Faith/Mission October 15, 2018
Weekly Marian Features: Oct. 15, 2018
Popes on the Rosary, Saturday Devotions and more related resources for the month of the Rosary
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