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Students December 17, 2022
The Challenge of Change
"Some people are book-smart, but lack empathy, kindness and mercy. You cannot go about transforming the world — which is ultimately your assignment when you leave today — without both," President Eric Spina told the Class of 2022 at winter commencement. "As Flyers, you’re called to use your minds and hearts to work across disciplines and differences to make the kind of profound change the world needs."
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Libraries December 16, 2022
A Christmas Gift

An original Koepnick Nativity set is now part of the Marian Library Crèche Collection.

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President December 13, 2022
Miracle on UD Street
As 33 school buses rolled into parking lot C with 1,100 children on Dec. 8, my heart leaped for joy at the familiar sight. Christmas on Campus, now in its 59th year, was back in all its glory, and you could feel the euphoria. This year's theme could not have been more perfect: "Miracle on UD Street."
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Faith/Mission December 12, 2022
UD Connections: Faith in the land down under
University's VLCFF online format allows participants from across the globe to join a virtual community of learners.
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Faith/Mission December 09, 2022
Gratitude for the Small Things
"The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for what He is sending us every day in His goodness." -Saint Gianna Bretta Molla
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Giving December 06, 2022
Forever Marianist

It’s one thing to say the University of Dayton is a Catholic, Marianist university, but how does the University continue to weave those values into the fabric of everyday campus life as the number of vowed religious continues to decrease?

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Libraries December 05, 2022
Yuletide Worldwide

Christmas cards provide perspective on global Christmas traditions.

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Giving December 05, 2022
Honoring Their Mothers With Music

Church was essential in the lives of Larry and Carrie Kelley’s mothers. When their daughter, Caroline ’22, graduated this past spring, they honored all three women with a gift to Campus Ministry in support of liturgical music.

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Giving November 28, 2022
Education and Values

Both of Sandra Henry’s ’69 parents were smart and accomplished, but neither was able to complete their bachelor’s degree due to a lack of funds. In their honor, she has created two scholarships: the Kenneth Henry Scholarship and the Alice Henry Scholarship. As a lifelong educator, she directed the scholarships to help UD School of Education and Health Sciences students earn their degrees — and graduate without substantial debt.

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Faith/Mission November 15, 2022
Online classes provide teachable moments in Ghana
Through Dayton's Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation, online courses reach another African country.
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