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Human Rights September 07, 2023
2023 Summer Fellowship: Preventing Gang Violence with Cristosal
Gang violence and police brutality that has caused millions of individuals to migrate out of their homes. Fear arising everyday and the only way to be saved: a 5,000 mile trek to cross the United States Border.
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Human Rights September 06, 2023
2023 Summer Fellowship: Two Worlds with Cristosal
Violence against the LGBTQ+ community has always been prevalent in Latin America but especially in El Salvador. According to Cristosal, ‘Only 3 of the 600 murders of trans women that have occurred since 1992 have been prosecuted and it wasn't until 2020 that that crime against the LGBTQ community became a point of conviction.’
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International August 23, 2023
What are you looking forward to this fall?
We asked faculty and staff to share what they're looking forward to this fall. See what they had to say!
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Faith/Mission July 20, 2023
IPI begins new collaboration with Caribbean TV station
IPI is proud to announce a new collaborative partnership with Living Water Community and Trinity TV based out of Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago.
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Law July 18, 2023
A World of Possibilities

Pablo Iannello, the new director of the University of Dayton School of Law's Program In Law and Technology, wants to continue to expand the program’s international reach.

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Campus and Community June 23, 2023
Continuing the Conversation

A recap and recording of Jyl Hall’s discussion on preserving Ukrainian culture, in conjunction with the Marian Library’s East Meets West exhibit, is now available.

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Service June 08, 2023
The Face of Christ in Quito

I have been able to see the face of Christ in my first, third, and fifth grade students everyday. 

Whenever I walk across campus and pass a student they almost always run up and give me a big hug and ask when we will have class next. (And then they usually ask me if they’ve earned their five good behavior stickers to get a pencil next classthe kids go crazy for pencils).

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Human Rights May 17, 2023
Decolonizing the narrative around constitutions, personal laws, and women’s rights
Many constitutions contain what are known as “clawback clauses,” which exempt personal law from their guarantees of nondiscrimination.
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Teacher Education May 06, 2023
Three students selected for Fulbrights

Three students, all from University of Dayton's Department of Teacher Education, have been awarded Fulbright English teaching assistantships this year.

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International April 24, 2023
Faculty-led programs: expanding global citizenship
Faculty Led Education Abroad & Away Programs continue to evolve and provide diverse offerings
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