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University Honors Program

Hull Fellow Tara McLoughlin exploring the city of Copenhagen by boat with other UD students Lindsey Beattie and Kailey Melichar.

Why Apply to Be a Hull Fellow?

By Tara McLoughlin

A unique offering in the University Honors Program is the Hull Fellowship. This fellowship is offered twice a year to Honors students considering studying abroad. Read below to hear the experience of a Hull Fellowship recipient, Tara McLoughlin. 

Being a member of the University Honors Program is already something that I am proud to be a part of at the University of Dayton, but having the honor of being selected as a Hull Fellowship recipient has elevated my experience here at UD, and especially abroad. I lived in Madrid, Spain for five months attending the study abroad program offered by the University at the Comillas Universidad Pontifical. I am a Junior Communications and Spanish major and spending time in Madrid was beyond beneficial for both of these majors and skills that I needed to learn and experience. I was fortunate enough to live in the center of the city with 5 other UD students and this is something that, through the Hull Fellowship, I was able to be financially secure in providing. It was an experience I would not trade for the world, and it allowed me to learn so much about the culture I was immersing myself in. 

Aside from the opportunity to study in Madrid, a large majority of my experience was feasible due to the Hull Fellowship which also helped me to travel all over Europe. I was fortunate enough to visit 8 different countries and see 12 different cities. My favorite is Switzerland where  I made memories that I can hardly even begin to describe in their entirety. I learned and appreciated so many different cultures, and dove head first in all they had to offer. This was an entirely experiential learning experience and I recognize and have sincere gratitude for the University Honors Program for allotting me this opportunity to grow and experience such bucket list moments through this program. If you have an opportunity to not only become a Hull Fellow but simply become more involved in the University Honors Program I would be first in line to encourage you to do so!

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