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Textbook Scholarship Program

Visit Campus, Save on Textbooks

At the University of Dayton, we know out-of-pocket college costs can add up for students. Plus, we feel it's important for students to experience a campus before deciding where to begin their college journey. 

That's why UD offers a textbook scholarship program as part of our commitment to affordability and student success. Through the University's textbook scholarship program, eligible undergraduate students can use up to $500 per semester* toward the cost of UD course materials from the University Bookstore.

To earn the scholarship, undergraduate students should apply, visit campus and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1 of their senior year. Transfer and UD Sinclair Academy students have different deadlines.

And yes, $500 per semester more than covers the cost of books for the average student. On average, most students use about $350 each semester.

There's Still Time!

Due to the ongoing FAFSA delays during the current Fall 2024 enrollment cycle, we've extended the textbook scholarship deadline to April 30, 2024 for new students who apply, visit campus and file the FAFSA. 

*Limit of eight semesters, full-time enrollment required.

The following students are ineligible for the textbook scholarship:

  • Dependents of University of Dayton employees when receiving 95% tuition remission, or the combination of partial tuition remission benefit and other university gift aid total 95% of tuition.
  • Students receiving a book stipend from another agency that is equal to or greater than the University’s award, for example Army ROTC scholarship recipients.

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