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Merit Scholarships

Rewarding Incoming First-Year Students

To reward your hard work, the University offers merit scholarships, worth up to $33,000 per year for four years, when you apply. Full-time transfer students are also eligible for a $17,000 scholarship per year, Academic Excellence Awards and more.

You will automatically be considered for a merit scholarship as part of the admission process. Merit scholarships are awarded based on a variety of criteria including GPA, test scores (if submitted) and academic rigor. To determine your scholarship eligibility, simply apply for admission; there is no application fee.

First-year Merit Scholarships

  • Father Chaminade Award
    $17,000 to $19,000 per year
  • Dean's Merit Scholarship
    $21,000 to $23,000 per year
  • President's Merit Scholarship
    $26,000 to $29,000 per year
  • Trustees' Merit Scholarship
    $30,000 to $33,000 per year

These scholarship ranges are one-year amounts that include eligibility for our textbook scholarship. Scholarships apply to full-time degree programs and are renewable for all four years, or eight semesters at UD. Scholarship ranges differ for partnership programs, like the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, or degree programs that are less than 8 semesters.

Scholarship awards are renewable as long as you meet academic requirements each year. Also, you'll need to notify Flyer Student Services of any external scholarships you receive. Such awards are counted as a resource and may reduce your eligibility for other need-based aid.

The University of Dayton is test-optional in admission. We are committed to making scholarship opportunities available for all accepted students, and an applicant’s scholarship eligibility will not be negatively impacted by a test-optional application. Students who choose to submit or resubmit test scores must do so by February 15.


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