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Textbook Award Program

Textbook Award Program

The University of Dayton offers a unique textbook scholarship program to ensure that course materials are accessible for our students. The scholarship funds can be applied to all course materials, including print textbooks, e-books, and digital access programs.

The Textbook Scholarship is offered to incoming undergraduate students who have filed the FAFSA and visited campus.  The scholarship is awarded for up to eight semesters.  Students must be enrolled in at least 12 hours and in good academic standing to receive the textbook scholarship.

Textbook Scholarship Explained

Interested in learning more about that textbook scholarship you receive? Look no further! Here are the basics of using your University Textbook Scholarship.

Textbook Scholarship Explained

Interested in learning more about that textbook scholarship you receive? Look no further! Here are the basics of using your University Textbook Scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ways to Check your Scholarship Balance

Check your Balance Online

  1. Log into the GET Online website.
  2. Click "Quick Links"
  3. Click "Check MyCard"
  4. Click "Balance"
  5. Click "Textbook Award" and your balance will be displayed here.

Look at your receipt

After you purchase a textbook with your scholarship, get a copy of your receipt printed or emailed to you. At the bottom of your receipt, it will say "Payment Via: Textbook Scholarship" and your remaining scholarship balance will be displayed there. 

Ask a bookstore employee

We are happy to help you determine your textbook scholarship balance! Ask any employee at the register for assistance. Be sure to bring your Student ID with you to the Bookstore so we can access your account.

Visit the Bookstore's textbook department, located on the second floor of the Bookstore. Our trained and dedicated staff will be able to assist you in looking up your schedule and helping you find your books on the shelves. You'll be able to choose between new, used, and digital books. Take your selections to a cash register, and let the cashier know you have the Textbook Award. In one transaction, you'll be able to purchase and/or rent all of your textbooks.

The last day to use your textbook scholarship for the Fall 2023 academic semester is November 10th, 2023.

Yes! You can order your textbooks online using your textbook scholarship. When filling out the customer information fields, be sure to include your Student ID in the required student info box. This information will allow us to ensure that the appropriate account is charged and will allow for processing your order with the textbook scholarship. We will first apply the available balance from the textbook scholarship, and any remaining balance will then be charged to your student account. If you choose to have the textbooks delivered to your home, the textbook scholarship does not cover shipping fees.

The textbook scholarship can be used for course materials for courses that you are registered for in the current academic semester. Here are some examples of what you can use your textbook scholarship for:

  • New textbooks
  • Used textbooks
  • E-books
  • Access codes
  • Lab manuals and kits
  • Art supplies (art majors only)

Here are examples of some items that would NOT be covered under your textbook scholarship:

  • Textbooks that you are interested in reading for personal use
  • Textbooks for classes you need to take next semester
  • Engineering paper
  • Accounting calculators
  • Examination blue books
  • School supplies
  • Household items
  • Clothing
  • Gift items

The Bookstore accepts many forms of payments including all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Flyer Express, and student charge.

If you drop a class, you can return your textbooks that you purchased using your textbook scholarship. The purchase amount will be refunded to your textbook award balance. All drops are verified in Banner.

The last day to return textbooks for the Fall 2023 academic semester with record of a drop is September 11, 2023.

Leftover funds do not roll over to later academic semesters. You cannot use the funds for anything other than required course materials for the courses you are currently enrolled in.



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