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Current and Returning Student Tuition and Affordability

Information for Flyers

Learn about renewing your aid, finding additional scholarships and learning how to submit appeals or handle special circumstances. If you need additional information, contact Flyer Student Services or visit Porches.

And remember: file the FAFSA for each academic year.

Net Tuition Guarantee Renewal

The University of Dayton's innovative approach to tuition for full-time (12 to 18 credit hours per semester) undergraduate students includes a transparent multi-year overview of your costs up front. While many other schools focus on first-year costs, at UD, we provide details of your full education investment. In addition, there are no hidden fees that will surprise your family when you receive your bill. That means you can be confident in our costs and your plan for success.

Net Tuition Guarantee Renewal FAQs

Your financial aid offer is renewable for up to four years (or eight semesters), giving you flexibility to consider a double major or minor, co-op or internship placement, or other experiential learning opportunities to enhance your education. When admitted to the University of Dayton, you were sent a comprehensive overview of your net tuition costs. Refer to your original aid offer to determine your guaranteed net tuition amount for each semester.

Simply file the FAFSA each year, enroll as a full-time undergraduate student (12-18 billable credit hours per semester), meet academic progress requirements, and be a responsible member of the University of Dayton community.

Special circumstances are always considered, and our staff will work with you to meet your individual needs.

University-funded sources of financial aid are available for up to 8 total semesters (Note: the number of semesters of eligibility for transfer students and UD Sinclair Academy students is uniquely denoted in your original aid offer). These do not have to be consecutive semesters, and your net tuition cost will be based on the number of semesters you have attended.

We know students work closely with their academic advisor to graduate on time and sometimes those plans include experiential learning that extends a student beyond a typical 4 year plan. Our commitment is to meet a student’s net tuition guarantee for up to 8 semesters as outlined in the student’s financial aid offer. Your net tuition will match the semester of enrollment in your award offer (For example, the second academic year on your aid offer will be semester 3 and 4 of your net tuition guarantee.)

The Net Tuition Guarantee and university funded aid is available to students who attend full time during the summer. Because summer tuition is billed at a different rate, we’ll honor your net tuition guarantee by awarding a summer grant for the appropriate net tuition amount. Students who attend part time will be billed the per-credit hour rate, and may be considered for federal and/or state aid, if eligible. Additional information regarding Summer Financial Aid is available.

Aid is available for up to 8 total semesters and we cannot guarantee any extensions beyond that eligibility. Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisor to make every possible effort to complete their degree in that time frame. In limited circumstances when a student has exhausted their maximum number of eligibility, an appeal for additional university funded aid can be made. Details can be found here about the appeal process for an additional semester of aid.

The tuition plan is valid for up to eight semesters of full-time academic study. The plan is placed on hold during co-op or internship terms and will resume once you have returned to classes.

Renewing Your Aid

Remember to renew your aid for each academic year you will attend the University of Dayton and make sure you maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.


Find out how to request an additional semester of aid or appeal a budget.

Special Circumstances

Sometimes things happen. Find resources to help guide you through unusual situations.