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Donor-Funded Scholarships

From One Flyer to Another

The University of Dayton is committed to providing a quality education that is accessible and affordable, and our private donors are vital to this commitment. As a result of their generosity, we offer additional scholarship options to students which are part of the $200 million awarded to students annually.

Our support is from longtime friends of the University and alumni who are eager for students to have same opportunities they experienced during their time here. And all our donors have one thing in common: their love for UD and its community. Their support and response to fundraising efforts like our annual giving day, 1Day1Dayton, makes our nationally recognized tuition transparency plan possible.

Awarding Donor-Funded Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are awarded each academic year to our students and amounts do vary. Scholarships are awarded based on several factors including, but not limited to, demonstrated academic success, donor-stipulated criteria, and financial need based on the FAFSA.

Our Forever Flyer Grant, funded through university funds and endowments established by donors, is originally awarded to act as a “placeholder” until we are notified of the amounts we are able to award for each of the named scholarship funds. The Forever Flyer Grant may be adjusted when a student is selected to receive a specific donor-funded scholarship.

Applying for Donor-Funded Scholarships

To apply for consideration, follow these steps after applying to UD or being a current student. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about donor-funded opportunities or contact us if you have additional questions.

To be considered for need-based financial aid (including grants and loans), you should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Filing the FAFSA

Use your University of Dayton username and password to log in to AcademicWorks (this tool is not yet mobile friendly, so be sure to use your desktop PC or laptop to complete your application).

After completion, verify that your application status shows as "submitted." You are able to make edits or check on the status of your application by logging back into the system at any time. After you complete your general application, you're done!

Completed applications are automatically matched with scholarship opportunities for which you are eligible. You will only receive notification if you are awarded a scholarship and the notification will be sent to your university email address. Most donor-funded scholarships are awarded in May/June after completion of the spring academic term. You will be notified to complete a new general application for each academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

AcademicWorks provides a streamlined approach for students to apply for donor funded scholarships at UD. The application process is simplified because we match information you provide on the general application with information we already have from your student record (ex. major, hometown, cumulative GPA). This allows us to automatically match students to our donor funded scholarships and removes the need for students to complete individual applications. Through AcademicWorks, you can see the status of your donor funded scholarships and submit your words of appreciation to be shared with your donor electronically.

The general application is required of all students who wish to be considered for scholarships awarded within AcademicWorks. Potential applicants are asked to provide some general information about themselves that is commonly asked by our donors, and lastly, agree to certain expectations that come with receiving a scholarship. Information from both your official student record at UD along with completion of the general application allows for full consideration of our donor funded scholarships.

All of our opportunities within the system are considered "Auto-Match", which means the student simply needs to complete the General Application to automatically be considered for opportunities that they are qualified for. This reduces the need for you to apply for multiple opportunities, simplifying the process for you to be considered for scholarships.

If you are selected to receive a donor-funded scholarship, you will receive an email with information pertaining to the scholarship. Most donor-funded scholarships are awarded in May/June after completion of the spring academic term. You will be notified each spring to complete a new application for the upcoming academic year.

Through the generosity of donors, all students will be considered for scholarship opportunities. Donors have various requests and requirements that we must consider when awarding scholarships. The majority of scholarships are designated for undergraduate students and most are awarded based on financial need, so we encourage you to complete the FAFSA for full consideration.

If you are selected for a scholarship, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the "Thank You" to your donor. Sharing your gratitude with donors makes a difference and reinforces their commitment to the University of Dayton.

The Office of Financial Aid welcomes your questions and we have regular office hours:

  • Walk in Monday - Friday 10am-4:30pm in St. Mary's Hall.
  • By phone 1-800-427-5029:
    • Monday - Wednesday 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4:30 p.m.
    • Thursday and Friday 1-4:30 p.m.

You may also reach us by email at


Office of Recruitment and Admission

Albert Emanuel Hall
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