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International Graduate Tuition and Costs

An Affordable Top Education

The University of Dayton is proud to offer our graduate students tuition at affordable rates. The tuition cost of UD’s graduate programs is similar to the costs of graduate programs at public institutions within the United States.

Explore this page to learn about tuition and costs, as well as ways to make a UD education even more affordable with assistantships and more.

Tuition and Costs

Tuition costs for graduate students vary for each program based on the number of credit hours for which you are registered. The university will bill you for tuition and the university fee. However, you will also need to be prepared for living and miscellaneous expenses.  You will only be billed for these if you are residing in university housing or have chosen a university meal plan. You can review the estimated cost for your intended academic program on this page, as well as find the estimated cost to use on immigration documentation to obtain your student visa.

Select online Business@Dayton, Education Online, and UDayton Global programs may have different costs.

2024-2025 Estimated Graduate Tuition Costs for International Students Per Semester

2024-25 Graduate Tuition Costs per Credit Hour

Masters, Arts & Science and Engineering






MBAN Online


PhD Biology, Engineering and CPS


PhD Religious Studies


Masters, Religious Studies, Fall and Spring


Masters, Religious Studies, Summer 2024




English (Teaching Track only)


Masters, Music Therapy


Bachelor plus Masters


2024-25 School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) Tuition Costs

Masters per credit hour


Education Specialists Program per credit hour


PhD per credit hour


Online courses for full-time Catholic Educators and Lalanne Students Professional Development Workshop


Professional Development Workshop


Professional Development Workshop - UD provided instructor


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) tuition


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) lab, clinicals, research and board exam prep


Physician Assistant

Cost Per Cohort

Health Care & Counseling Center Charge per semester - PA and DPT only


Dietetics and Nutrition - Masters Program per credit hour


2024-25 UD/2U Online Program Tuition per Credit Hour

MSE, PL - Masters of Education - Principal


EdD - Leadership for Organizations


ABA - Applied Behavioral Analysis


2024-25 Graduate Miscellaneous Charges

Audit Rate per credit hour (rounded to next dollar)

1/2 regular rate

University Charge per semester


Late Registration Charge ($25 per week)

$75.00 max

Credit by Examination (EM credit) per credit hour


Estimated Academic Program Costs for Documentation

The costs below represent an estimation of expenses for one year of attendance for your academic program. This total will be listed on your immigration document (I-20) to obtain your student visa. The totals below include:

  • Tuition for fall and spring terms only
  • Living expenses for 12 months
  • Miscellaneous expenses for 12 months (includes mandatory health and accident insurance, transportation, books, etc.)

Use These Estimated Costs on Your Immigration Document

  • Master:
    • Public Administration and Religious Studies: $29,450
    • All other programs: $35,300
  • Doctoral:
    • Religious Studies: $26,870
    • Biology: $36,920

  • Master: $36,920

  • Master:
    • Dietetics and Nutrition: $30,080
    • All other programs: $29,450
  • Doctoral: $33,230

  • Master: $35,300
  • Doctoral: $36,920

Types of Aid


The University of Dayton offers a limited number of assistantships for certain graduate and doctoral academic programs. Teaching and research assistantships may provide tuition, a monthly stipend, and/or assistance with housing costs.

Students must work directly with the academic department for consideration. Please locate your intended academic program on our website. The department’s website may indicate if assistantships are available and the process to apply. The Office of Recruitment and Admission is not involved in the application or decision process for departmental assistantships.

The University of Dayton does not offer merit scholarships at the graduate or doctoral level.

Summer Scholarships

MPOWER will be awarding $8,000 USD this summer to support 12 international students in funding their educational dreams. On the first day of every month this summer, head to MPOWER's website to find out the scholarship theme for that month. Applications will be open until the last Friday of the month.

Additional Resources

Our payment plan allows students and their families to make monthly payments on university billed expenses. This plan is designed to help you in budgeting for your educational costs. Please visit our webpage for more information on the University of Dayton’s Payment Plan.

All University of Dayton students may apply for employment opportunities on campus. Positions are available in many departments and the hourly rate is based on experience and job description. Additional information regarding our student employment program can be found on the Career Services website.

EducationUSA is a U.S. State Department network of over 430 international student advising centers in more than 175 countries and territories. EducationUSA provides a variety of resources for international students pursuing higher education in the United States, including the admissions process, finances, the student visa process, and living in the U.S. Please visit to locate the nearest advising center.

Students living in a member country of the Organization of American States may be eligible for interest-free loans up to $15,000 USD towards the cost of their U.S. higher education. The Organization of American States includes many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Please visit to verify your country is a member and to learn more about the loan opportunity.

Student loans should be considered as a last resort after all other financial assistance opportunities have been explored. This option may help bridge the gap between the cost of your education after any scholarship awards have been received and what you and your family are able to pay towards the remaining cost. You must apply for loans from financial institutions in your home country.