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Tuition and Costs for Undergraduates

Choosing a college that provides the greatest value is an important task. We encourage you to inquire about the true cost of each school you are considering — not just in terms of your first year but for all four years of your college experience.

Rooted in our Catholic, Marianist traditions, the University of Dayton is dedicated to being transparent, affordable and ensuring student success. And with high graduation rates and post-placement success rates, UD is an excellent value.

At UD, tuition is the same for all full-time undergraduate students, regardless of major. Since the University of Dayton is a private institution, there are no out-of-state charges. To top it off, our innovative and transparent tuition plan is very different from what you're likely to see from other schools. At UD, you’ll understand the full four-year cost of your education up-front, and there are no fees or surcharges. That means there are no surprises, so you can be confident in our costs and plan for success.

Undergraduate Direct Costs for 2022-23

Tuition: $46,170
Housing: $9,260
Food: $6,130

The Office of Financial Aid establishes annual student budgets to reflect a realistic cost of attendance. These budgets include both your direct (billable) costs, above, and those non-billable costs associated most commonly with college. We then use this budget to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Per federal regulation, the combination of financial assistance received by the student from all sources cannot exceed the established student budget.


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