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Tuition and Costs for Graduate Students

What You Need to Know

Financial aid may be available for those degree-seeking graduate students seeking assistance. Once you have applied and been accepted to a graduate program, our office will be notified so we can begin to prepare your aid for the upcoming year.

Explore this page to find the current tuition and costs, as well as budget and billing and payment information.

Graduate Tuition Costs Per Semester 2023-24

2023-24 Graduate Tuition Costs per Semester

Masters, Arts & Science and Engineering per credit hour


MBA, MFin, MPAcc, MBAN-Master in Business Analytics per credit hour


PhD Biology and Engineering per credit hour


PhD Religious Studies per credit hour


Masters, Religious Studies, Fall and Spring per credit hour


Masters, Religious Studies, Summer 2023 per credit hour


MPA per credit hour


English (Teaching Track only) per credit hour


Masters, Music Therapy per credit hour


Bachelor plus Masters per credit hour


2023-24 School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) Tuition Costs Per Semester

Masters per credit hour


Education Specialists Program per credit hour


PhD per credit hour


Online courses for full-time Catholic Educators and Lalanne students


Professional Development Workshop


Professional Development Workshop - UD provided instructor


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) includes lab, professional, and clinical charges


Physician Assistant

Cost Per Cohort

Dietetics and Nutrition - Masters Program per credit hour


2023-24 Online (2U) Graduate Programs

MBA - Masters in Business Administration per credit hour


MBAN - Masters in Business Analytics per credit hour


MSE, PL - Masters of Education - Principal per credit hour


EdD - Doctor of Education per credit hour


ABA - Applied Behavioral Analysis per credit hour


2023-24 Miscellaneous Graduate Charges

Audit Rate per credit hour (rounded to next dollar)

1/2 regular rate

University Charge per semester


Late Registration Charge ($25 per week)

$75.00 max

Credit by Examination (EM credit) per credit hour


Graduation Charge


Costs and Budgets

Direct charges for tuition, fees, housing (University-owned) and meal plan rates are set on an annual basis by the University. Variable expenses such as books, supplies, and personal spending allowances are set by the Office of Financial Aid and are based on average student expenses and federal guidelines.

The annual student expense budget, which can be viewed on Porches, reflects average cost of attendance figures and determines the maximum amount of financial aid that a student can receive. Included in these budgets are commonly accepted educational expense allowances for items such as tuition, fees, books, supplies and personal spending in accordance with federal regulations. Generally, students eligibility is determined over a standard academic year (fall/spring). If you plan to attend classes during the summer term as well, please contact our office.

Billing and Payment

The Office of Student Accounts is responsible for the billing and payment process for all students. Each student has a student account, which summarizes all charges and payments made for University services. The transactions in this account accumulate over the entire enrollment period at the University of Dayton.

For students who prefer to pay their balance due over the course of the term, the Office of Student Accounts currently offers the UD Payment Option.

E-refunding is now the preferred method for refunding Financial Aid excesses to our students. To complete the one-time setup for this option, follow the instructions found on the Office of Student Accounts' homepage.

Remember that adjustments to your schedule may affect your charges and aid so be sure to talk with a financial aid counselor before dropping a course (or courses). Learn more about the University's refund policy.