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Appeal for Additional Semester of Aid Eligibility

What You Need to Know

The Office of Financial Aid works with undergraduate students to ensure financial aid options are available for students as they work towards degree completion. When students enroll, they are awarded institutional financial aid for a maximum number of semesters. In some instances, students may have exhausted the maximum number of semesters of institutional aid availability prior to degree completion.

Students have the opportunity to appeal for an additional semester of undergraduate aid eligibility (after the maximum number of semesters has been exhausted). These requests will be handled on an individual basis and students will be encouraged to work closely with their academic advisor to ensure all course degree options are explored. Students must submit the form below to request an additional semester of financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students may submit this request after successfully completing at least 90 credit hours towards their degree and exploring all options to complete degree requirements within the expected number of semesters. 

Students who have any of the following reasons will be considered for an extension of aid eligibility:

  • Medical Withdrawal
  • Documented course availability limitations
  • Disruption of course completion due to COVID-19

Students should work closely with their academic advisor to explore all options for meeting degree requirements. This could include exploring the option of earning summer credits at UD or credits that can be taken at another institution and transferred to your program at UD.

Students will be contacted by email within 10 business days by a financial aid representative. Additional information may be requested to clarify the circumstances within the appeal.


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