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Study Abroad Financial Aid for Undergraduates

What You Need to Know

Students who choose to participate in study abroad programs, whether sponsored by the University of Dayton or another university, may qualify for financial aid to help defray a portion of the expenses. Please keep in mind that this aid may affect your eligibility for aid in the upcoming semester on campus.

You are encouraged to speak with a financial aid counselor early in your planning to discuss your options for financial assistance prior to committing to a study abroad program.

University-sponsored Programs

If you plan to study abroad through one of the University-sponsored programs, you may be eligible to use your University gift aid in addition to your state and/or federal eligibility. Much of it depends on when you participate and how much of your eligibility you've already used for the year. In addition, the UD Study Abroad Scholarship was created to assist students with broadening their UD educational experience. It can be used by undergraduate students who began at UD in the Spring of 2021 or earlier when enrolled in a summer, UD Faculty-led study abroad program that involves nine hours of coursework, and is valued at $3,000.

If you are participating in one of the summer programs, please review the financial aid information in the Center for International Programs's education abroad guide. Tuition remission is applicable for most UD summer study abroad programs.

Non-University-sponsored Programs

If your study abroad is sponsored by another school or agency, you are limited to the use of federal aid (excluding campus-based programs) and private funding. You will not be permitted to use your University scholarship or grant money.

In this scenario, you will be required to use a consortium agreement to permit the transfer of Title IV funds from home school (UD) to the host institution (sponsor of the program). Please review the consortium section of this page for more information.

Why do I need a consortium agreement?

The consortium agreement (.pdf) is the contract that allows your host institution to credit any and all of your financial aid funds toward your charges for attending that institution. The consortium agreement also allows UD to continue to determine your financial aid eligibility so you don't have to re-apply for financial aid at your host institution.

You are responsible for ensuring that the consortium agreement is completed in its entirety. Missing or incorrect information will delay the processing of this form and could delay when funds are released from the University of Dayton. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

How does my financial aid get to the host school?

Once a completed consortium agreement is on file, the University of Dayton will arrange for your financial aid funds to be disbursed near the date that your classes at your host institution are scheduled to begin. After funds from all sources have been received, a check will be issued from the Office of Student Accounts to your host institution.

This check must be mailed directly to your host institution to comply with the terms specified in the consortium agreement. If you are receiving more financial aid funds than your actual costs (for books, airfare, etc.), your host institution will refund any credit to you according to their institutional policies. Please remember this as you may have out-of-pocket expenses to cover before you get your refund.


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