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Young Alumni

Young Alumni: The First 10 Years


Welcome to the Alumni Association! By graduating, you are automatically a part of a 125,000+ network of UD alumni that spans the globe. As a member, you are eligible to participate in alumni community events, join our alumni mentoring program and much more. As a Flyer who graduated in the last 10 years, you are also eligible for special young alumni benefits and services. Be sure to update your contact information to keep in touch with everything happening in your area and across the country.

Welcome to the alumni family!

The day10 young alumni executive committee shares words of advice for new alumni.

Stay Connected

There are many ways to stay in touch after graduation:

  • Alumni Communities: Check out local recommendations from your fellow Flyers and opportunities to join UD alums for events in your city.
  • Recognize a classmate: Share and read stories of young alumni who show what it means to learn, lead or serve.
  • Alumni Facebook: Follow this page to stay updated on events and news from UD's young alumni.  
  • Alumni Twitter: Follow this account to stay updated on your fellow Flyer grads.
  • Alumni Instagram: Check out photos of what life looks like for UD alums on campus and around the world.

Services and Benefits

Life after graduation doesn't have to be intimidating. UD offers services to help you navigate life after UD:

  • Job Hunting: Get advice and tips for employment searches, resumes, interviews, salary negotiations, networking and more. These services are available to you no matter where you live.
  • Grad School Preparation: Use these practice tests and tips to prepare for your entrance exam.
  • Flyer Connection: Successful Flyer alumni want to help you cultivate your career. Join Flyer Connection and build your professional network with UD alumni. You can also mentor a current student through Flyer Connection.
  • Financial Tips: Test and expand your knowledge on spending and borrowing, loan guidance, and the future of your money. Sign up for your account on Financial Avenue using the code UDALUM.
  • Other discounts and benefits: Check out alumni merchandise, discounts on basketball tickets, alumni travel opportunities and more!

day10 Executive Committee

The day10 executive committee includes one representative from each of our young alumni classes. This group of volunteers provides valuable feedback to UD and creates services and events that help young alumni navigate life after graduation. day10's goal is to help our young alumni stay in touch with the University and the classmates who shaped their college experience. If you would like to get more information about this group or have ideas for young alumni activities, email your day10 members. They are always looking for new ideas and new ways to help recent graduates.

day10 Executive Committee

day10 Executive Committee, pictured from left to right: Colleen Oakes '15 (Staff Adviser), Katie Burns '16, Sarah Hemler '13, Hailee Rennels '18, Emily Gorenc '19, Khristian Santiago '16 (day10 chair), Surya Freeman '17, Katy Mullet '14, Nina Jolani '09, Steve Cabanski '10
Not Pictured: Jack Raisch '15, BJ Heilbronn '12, Brandon Salas '11



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