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LGBTQ+ Resources

In the Family Spirit: Embracing our LGBTQ+ Community

The University of Dayton strives to foster a community where all members, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) are welcomed, respected, safe, and valued. We are actively working to engage LGBTQ+ alumni in these efforts on campus and in our alumni communities. Opt in to receive communication about LGBTQ+ resources and events.

Guided by our Catholic and Marianist values, the University of Dayton is committed to honoring the intrinsic value and dignity of all people.

Eric F. Spina


"In the Family Spirit” — the University of Dayton Framework for LGBTQ+ Policies, Practices, and Communication

It is important for the University to formally articulate its philosophy of why and how we support our LGBTQ+ community. Our approach is grounded in our Catholic, Marianist mission – which includes honoring the intrinsic value of all people and fostering a community where all people feel respected as children of God. This rationale stems from our mission as a university where rigorous intellectual inquiry and vigorous dialogue occur.

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Living Our Marianist Charism

Under the Chosen Name Policy, alumni can update their legal name or provide their chosen name by contacting Alumni Relations (, or visiting the office on the 5th floor of Daniel J. Curran Place. Alumni can also request a replacement diploma through the Flyer Student Services graduation website, and clicking on “Duplicate Diploma Order.” There is typically a cost associated with a replacement diploma. Answers to frequently asked questions about this policy are available online.


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