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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitions and Context

The University of Dayton, guided by its Catholic and Marianist values, is committed to respecting the dignity of every person. As stated in the University’s Statement on Dignity, “Recognition of and respect for the person are central to our life as a Christian and educational community and are what allow us to pursue our common mission while being many diverse persons.”

In support of this commitment, the University adopted this policy in 2019 to enable students, faculty, staff, and alumni who identify themselves by a name other than their legal name to use a chosen name for University records and systems that do not require use of a legal name.

A chosen name is an alternative to the individual’s legal name as designated by the individual in University systems. It does not require any legal documentation and may be reported via Flyer Student Services, Human Resources, or Alumni Relations.

As a member of the University community, all efforts should be made to use an individual’s chosen name when possible.

This policy applies to anyone who wishes to identify themselves by a name other than their legal name. It is universal in that it benefits many members of our community including transgender and non-binary individuals as well as individuals who prefer to use a nickname, middle name, or name that reflects their cultural or ethnic identity. Depending on an individual's situation, they may not have the desire or ability to change their legal name. 

Over 200 universities, including many of our peer institutions, have policies that facilitate the use of chosen names when a legal name is not required.

No. An individual does not have to provide a chosen name. If an individual does not provide a chosen name, the individual's legal name will be used.

Using the Chosen Name Policy

Students can report their chosen name by contacting Flyer Student Services using their University e-mail account at, or visiting the office in St. Mary’s Hall, room 108.

Faculty and staff may report their chosen name by contacting Human Resources using their University e-mail account at, or visiting the office in St. Mary’s Hall, room 304.

Alumni can report their chosen name by contacting Alumni Relations by e-mailing, or visiting the office on the 5th floor of Daniel J. Curran Place.

Once Flyer Student Services (students) or HR (faculty and staff) initiates the change request in Banner, chosen name information should be available in other university systems within 24 hours (updates take place overnight). Students and employees can check their profile on Porches. Students can also log into their mobile credentials via the GET Mobile app to see if their name has been updated.

Individuals in the University community who are both a student and an employee should make sure to update their chosen name with both Flyer Student Services and Human Resources.

When possible, your chosen name should only include alphabetical characters (A-Z and a-z), a space, or hyphen (-). Using other symbols may prevent a chosen name from appearing as intended in campus software. The University reserves the right to remove a chosen name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language, or is being used for misrepresentation.

An individual’s chosen name will be used whenever possible, including:

  • University ID Card
  • Porches
  • Flyer Express
  • Online Directory Listing
  • Diploma
  • Co-curricular Transcript
  • Banner, Class and Photo Rosters
  • Grade Submission Reports
  • Isidore
  • Advisee Reports
  • Degree Audit Reports
  • Orientation Scheduling
  • Housing & Residence Life
  • E-mail Display Name (requires manual setting, click here for instructions)
  • 1850 Student Involvement Software (requires manual setting, click here for instructions)

  • Bills, Bursar Accounts
  • Financial Aid Records
  • Verification Requests and Enrollment Inquiries
  • Official Transcript
  • Federal Immigration Documents
  • Police Records
  • Medical and Insurance Records and Identification Cards
  • Conduct Records
  • Housing Contracts and Proof of Residence
  • Equity Compliance Records
  • Payroll
  • Student Employment Records
  • Professional Licensure Records
  • Office of Learning Resources Records
  • Communication to Parents/Guardians (in most contexts)

***The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) may have different requirements for use of legal name. Contact UDRI for more information:

Staff with an administrative need (e.g., police, health, and financial services; deans' office staff, the Office of Human Resources) will see both legal and chosen names. Similar to GPAs and other sensitive information, these staff are trained on the significance of maintaining confidentiality of these records.

A student’s legal name will remain on bills, transcripts, student accounts, and any communication to parents.  The chosen name will appear on class rosters, which will also include the first letter of the legal first name.  

If a student decides to utilize the chosen name policy, we cannot guarantee that this information will not be shared with a family member or loved one when they call various offices at the institution or when mail is sent home.  If keeping a chosen name private from certain constituents is critical, we recommend you contact the Brook Center at to further explore your options.

Instructors access a class roster with legal names. If a student has a chosen name, only the first letter of the legal name will be visible to faculty. Students are encouraged to share their chosen name with their instructors. Isidore will show a chosen name if one is reported.

Students and employees who update their Chosen Name after being issued an identification card may request one replacement card from Card Services at no cost, as long as they turn in the previous ID card. Wait at least 24 hours between confirming that the change has been made through Flyer Student Services/HR before visiting Card Services to ensure that the new name has been updated in university systems.

University correspondence, including physical mail, e-mail, phone calls, and texts, may use chosen or legal names depending on the purpose of the communication.

Even though some processes require the use of the legal name, it is the intent that all offices use the chosen name as much as possible in general communications. However, form letters and mass-mailings from administrators will likely automatically use legal names.

Correspondence to employees from third party vendors, such as health insurance or retirement savings vendors, will use legal names

You can update the name that is shown alongside your University e-mail address by following the steps below on a computer. This name will not update automatically, so you will need to follow these steps if you want your email name to align with your chosen name.

  • From any Google app where you are logged in, select the circle in the upper right corner
  • A box will appear with a blue “Google Account” button. Select this button and it will take you to your Google Account summary page.
  • Select the second tab on the left, “Personal info”
  • Select the arrow next to the “Name” field
  • Select the pencil icon on the right to open a box where you can edit your name, and save

Updates may take up to 48 hours to be reflected across your Google accounts.

If necessary, UDit may create a new University email address and username to reflect your chosen name in accordance with UDit’s established practices for the generation of email addresses and usernames. When reporting your chosen name with Flyer Student Services or Human Resources, ask for assistance in updating your e-mail address, and they can help you work with UDit.

1850 will not automatically update. Once a chosen name is updated with Flyer Student Services or Human Resources, community members can request an update to their name on1850 by completing this form ( while logged into 1850. It may take 7 or more days for this change to be reflected on 1850.

NameCoach will not update automatically. If you have recorded your name pronunciation with the NameCoach software, you can update it through NameCoach's website. 

1.  Open NameCoach's website.

2.  Click on the Already registered on our site button if you have an existing NameCoach recording. If not, sign up for a free account. Sign in with your UD email address. Reset your password if necessary. 

3.  Click the Edit Your Info button next to your recording. 

4.  You can edit your name and create a new recording. Press Submit.

Students submit the name to be displayed on their diploma, which can include a chosen name. Follow the instructions when applying for graduation to verify the correct name on your diploma.


Yes. Alumni can request a replacement diploma through the Flyer Student Services graduation website, and clicking on “Duplicate Diploma Order.” There is typically a cost associated with a replacement diploma.

Students can update their legal name by visiting Flyer Student Services in St. Mary’s Hall, Room 108. Proof of legal name change is required, such as copies of the court order authorizing the name change and driver’s license/passport reflecting name change.

Faculty and staff may update their legal name by visiting Human Resources in St. Mary’s Hall, Room 304. Proof of legal name change, such as a social security card, is required.

Alumni can update their legal name by contacting Alumni Relations at, or visiting the office on the 5th floor of Daniel J. Curran Place.

There are a few reasons an office or system might not be using an individual's chosen name in some or all communications. Some offices or processes require use of an individual's legal name. For example, admission-related processes; transfer credit; federal, state, and institutional student financial aid; medical records; and payroll are examples of processes that require use of the legal name. Even though some processes require the use of the legal name, it is the intent that all offices use the chosen name as much as possible in general communications.

There is also a chance that an online system is not including an individual's chosen name when it should be. If it has been more than 7 days since you reported your chosen name, contact the office where you reported your chosen name to confirm that it has been updated in the system.

If you have concerns about the ongoing omission of your chosen name, please contact Equity Compliance at 937-229-3622,, or visit the office in Marianist Hall, Room 240.

Flyer Student Services: (937) 229-4141,, St. Mary’s Hall, Room 108

Human Resources: (937) 229-2541,, St. Mary’s Hall, Room 304

Alumni Relations: (888) 832-5867,, Daniel J. Curran Place, 5th floor

Equity Compliance: (937) 229-3622,, Marianist Hall, Room 240

Brook Center, LGBTQ+ Education: (937) 229-1292,, ArtStreet R

Global and Intercultural Affairs Center: (937) 229-2748,, Rike Center, Room 204


For questions relating to the University policies of Student Development, please contact:

Bill Fischer, Vice President for Student Development