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Multifunctional Structures and Materials

Infusion of a wind blade part at UDRI's Composites Testing Lab

Making Materials More Efficient and Economical

UDRI develops and integrates new and conventional materials into multifunctional structures and products. We work to reduce size, weight, power consumption, and manufacturing complexity (SWPaM) and to increase performance, ruggedness, and survivability. We employ advanced, in-house capabilities in design, growth, processing, fabrication, characterization, and testing for this work.

Our researchers are closely integrated with the capabilities and expertise throughout UDRI and the University of Dayton's School of Engineering. We also have access to additional expertise and capability of the United States Air Force Research Laboratories through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements. Few other organizations in the nation have such capability to provide cutting edge performance for less cost.


Check out how UDRI is developing materials from which energy can be harvested


  • Hybrid Material Development and Optimization
  • Advanced Polymers Development and Optimization
  • Nano-Enhanced Composites Fabrication
  • Full Material Characterization
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Application / Technology Transition

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Top: Infusion of a wind blade part at UDRI's Composites Testing Lab


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