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Fluids and Lubricants

Ensuring and Monitoring the Condition of Fluids, Lubricants, and Lubrication Systems

UDRI researchers conduct technical research and development activities on advanced lubrication system technologies. We collaborate with several other research groups within UDRI, and our customers include US DoD and commercial organizations.

Improved prognostic/diagnostic technology for monitoring mechanical system health is becoming increasingly important. We have developed sensor technologies for in-line and bench-top monitoring of oil condition, and sensors that can detect lubricant deposition and oil contamination.

We develop improved methods for measuring lubricant performance, solid and vapor phase lubrication, tribological evaluation of fluids, and monitoring the condition of lubricants and lubrication systems. This includes valuation and performance of current and advanced gas turbine engine lubricants for higher temperature applications and the development of improved off-line and in-line diagnostic sensors for solving wear and oil contamination problems.

In addition, our scientists study oil and fuel analysis techniques, researches alternative and recycled refrigerants, studies aging aircraft issues, and conducts industry-supported research programs. We have capabilities in new fluid and lubricant research and development; testing of fluids, lubricants, coolants, solvents, and de-icers; and expertise in ASTM and FTM qualification testing and failure analysis.

Our current focus is in development and characterization of fluids and lubricants. We also perform research on various aspects of aerospace wiring including corrosion and high temperature wire insulators and conduct work in sensor technologies and polymer thin films for numerous applications.

We collaborate with multiple research groups across UDRI. Our customers include federal government organizations as well as industrial and commercial firms.

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