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Sealant and Elastomeric Materials

Application of protective sealant on the tail of a KC-135E Stratotanker. (Photo courtesy US Air Force)

Measuring and Predicting Materials Success

UDRI’s Sealant and Elastomeric Materials research takes place in two laboratories: the Sealants and Elastomers Lab (SEL) and the Small Sample Materials Compatibility Lab (SSMC). Both labs routinely work together; however, their scopes are different.

The SEL is an ISO 9001 certified, ISO 17025 accredited test lab in the area of mechanical and chemical testing for materials such as sealants, elastomers, rubbers, fuel bladders, potting compounds, aircraft cloth, and gaskets. Our SEL researchers perform testing on developmental materials, during which we work closely with the manufacturer’s chemists and engineers, and perform qualification testing of materials for the SAE Qualified Products List.

The SSMC focuses on small-scale sample analysis to determine the engineering properties and predict the behavior of such polymeric materials as sealants, elastomers, fuel bladders, and O-rings exposed to fluids and fuels. Our SSMC researchers measure function-critical physical properties to allow for the development of statistical methods to predict behavior and “end-of-service-life” of materials, to provide insight into how failures occur, and to better understand what drives the failure.

Our Sealants and Elastomeric Materials researchers serve both government and commercial customers.

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Top: A technician applies protective sealant on the tail of a KC-135E Stratotanker. (Photo courtesy US Air Force)


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